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Friday, March 10, 2006

Taming the Stories Flying in my Head

I've been suffering from the ailment "too many stories flying in my head".
I know I'm not the only writer who feels this way.
I've been working on edits lately and I wish the stories trying to be written would settle down in my mind and let me finish, but alas they still vie for my attention.

I used to try to multitask and write on several stories at once, but then all my characters sounded the same cardboard way so I stopped. One story at a time is best. I know this. Each story deserves my undivided attention. I need to focus and immerse myself, but which story idea should I work on next?

So hard to decide. :) TGIF
I guess I'll take the weekend to figure out which one is next.

In the mean time, let's look at a new cover. Just A Kiss is the first book I sold to Siren Publishing. I wrote the first draft in about 2 weeks after being inspired by a joke on the Jay Leno show in April of 2005. He's the funniest man alive. :)


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