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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Writer's Retreat

Coming up very soon (I'd better check my flight information), I'm going to a writer's retreat. This will be a first annual event of what I hope will continue.

Writer's Retreat. What is it?
Well, it's fabulous. It's our first one and I'm already excited. :)

This means me and three good writer friends will be hanging out together, just the 4 of us, doing writerly things. Coming up with ideas for either the books we're working on or new ideas for our next books, we will support each other. We will laugh together. We will write. We will retreat to our rooms to write new fresh words without phones ringing or laundry to do or doorbells to answer or dinner to cook or questions to answer or bills to pay...I could go on. I won't.

Also we will be
Drinking wine.

Drinking vanilla apple cosmos. (or is that a martini?) hmm

Drinking Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade.

Chatting in the hot tub about writing.
Drinking...whatever is left.

Is that Sangria? Yum.

This is time well spent. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's imperative.
Writers work alone for the most part. We hunker behind our faithful computers and tap out stories again and again spurred only by our imagination...and coffee...and sometimes wine.

So now and again, we need the relaxation of a long weekend away with our sister writers to feed our passion for writing and gain new perspective.
And laugh in a quiet place away from the routine of our lives.

Can't wait to get there.

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