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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Excellent Company I Keep

I took the time to read today. Yes, I know I was really supposed to be thinking of what I'm going to write next...but I strayed. :-)

Today I read the other three serialized novels in the Free download at Siren Publishing ~~ Love Interludes.

Whew! I adore my fellow Siren Authors. I've been wanting to read Between Darkness and Daylight by Gracie C. McKeever, Saving Grace by Lexy Wilder, and Fire & Ice by Amanda Hilton for months.
I can already tell that I'll be the one whining the loudest as I wait for the next installments to become available.
Okay, it's true, I'm whining now. I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!

The heroes:
Zane Youngblood
Adam Blackstone
Lucien Demarcus
Jake Donovan

Don't they sound yummy??!!

If you haven't read this free download should!
Here it is:

Read the free download and prepare to be hooked.

Am I going to buy each installment as it becomes available? bet I am!
And in between each installment am I going to long for them? bet I am!! :-)


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I wish I could leave comments on all my entries.


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