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Monday, May 07, 2007

More RT pictures - Fun With Fangs

Here are a few more pictures from the 2007 Romantic Times conference in Houston.

Fun with fangs. :)

Me about to take a bite out of Amanda Hilton at the Vampires of the Wild, Wild West party.
I guess they should have fed us faster. :)

Here is Kristen Painter (vampire cowgirl) , Morgan Ashbury (the smiling victim) and me (twin vampire cowgirl) about to get a bite together. :):)

I think we might have been waiting too long for our dessert when this was taken.
Wild West Vampires get hungry faster than regular ones. At least in our case.
Or perhaps we just like to ham it up for the cameras. :)

This is Kristen Painter about to be slain by Carrie Hensley (a vampire hunter) having fun while we waited for the elevator to go to the party.

Nothing like a little drama to get into the mood of the party. :):)



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