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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Five Flag Review for The Forgetful Spy :):)

The Forgetful Spy
Author: Lara Santiago
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Publication date: October 2007
ISBN: 1-933563-21-4
Pages: 235
Series:The Double Recall


Heat Rating:
Reviewer: Melisa

Colin Riley catches a pretty blond before she takes a serious tumble down a flight of stairs. The instant connection between them throws them both off for a moment. Two months later he meets another blond who’s name is Rachel and she saves him from a sadistic woman by releasing him from where he is handcuffed to a bed. Only when he returns home from his undercover trip does her remember why he thought the woman who rescued him was familiar. With some serious searching he finds her in a small town in Alabama. But the woman he finds isn’t the woman he had met.

He convinces the woman that calls herself Laurie to come back to his hotel room. When he calls her Rachel she quickly informs him that her name is Laurie. Thinking she’s undercover, Colin goes along with it. Until he discovers that the woman he’s started to fall for is actually both women. She has split personalities. Each woman is entirely different from the other. Where one is outgoing, and spontaneous, the other is shy and innocent.

During a mission Rachel is hurt and Colin may have to choose which woman he wants to be with because both can’t live inside her mind. Because Colin loves both women he may have to make a very difficult decision.

Funny, sexy, and way out there! This book is true Lara! It rocks! Colin is a hot sexy spy and Rachel/Laurie is the perfect heroine. When I started it I couldn’t put it down! I’m waiting for part 2 now.

AND...Check out my video trailer for The Forgetful Spy. :)



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