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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Lurker's Contest :)

Here is a contest for all you lurkers out there. :)

To win a (pdf) e-copy of The Mercenary's Wife...

Send an e-mail to me at:

In the subject line put The Lurker's Contest

And answer the following three questions from the excerpt posted at The Mercenary's Wife page at Siren Publishing or click on the link here : The Mercenary's Wife at Siren

1.) How much did Tyler Blackthorn bid for Valentina Moorehouse at her auction?

2.)What was Veronica's silent message to the mercenary she'd hired?

3.)How many rules did Tyler Blackthorn have and how many did of them did Veronica Moorehouse break?

This contest will run from now until Sunday, January 27th at midnight E.S.T.
All the correct responses I get will go into my blue bear basket and I'll select one and post the winner Monday morning on this blog.

Good luck. :)



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