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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm busy!

It's only the middle of January.
How can I already be so far behind? :)
Maybe I'm not. Maybe it just seems that way.

So far this year...I've been thinking up goals, making lists, bowling once a week, attending writing seminars, meeting with my critique partners, doing edits, thinking up new stories to write, writing new books, being a treasurer... sigh.

I should also my office, cleaning my house, cleaning my room, making a dent in the never ending laundry pile, shopping for food, preparing meals for my family, and a whole host of other things which wait for my attention.

How will I ever fit it all in?

All my possibilities point to the fact that my creativity will send me on a path of discovery wherein rests my passion to write...if I can ever get all my chores dones. ;)

"All I want to do is write some books. I've got a feeling...I'm not the only one."
(sung to the Sheryl Crow's, All I Wanna Do) :)

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