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Monday, July 21, 2008

Another G-Spot newsletter from Gracie McKeever

Click HERE to read the latest G-SPOT newsletter from fab author Gracie McKeever. :)
In it she reviews Menagerie for me because she's so cool.
(And I posted it below too) :)
Also is a graphic created by my friend Cindy W. She's also very cool. :)
Check it out.

MENAGERIE by Lara Santiago: I had the pleasure of being treated to a sneak peek of Lara Santiago’s MENAGERIE before its release at Siren and happily devoured it! This one had Lara’s trademark humor, fast - paced narrative and engaging characterization with the titillating addition of five very hunky and sexy heroes over which to drool instead of just the usual one . What’s a girl to do? Well if you’re one Valerie Thornhill, pleasantly plump accountant with a mother whose nagging her to settle down, get married and start giving her some grandchildren, you resist the powers that be—in this case a race of colorful alien beings who have abducted you—the best way you can and that is with guileless curiosity and wit. These weapons work fine up until Valerie meets her matches in five very handsome suitors who all need her for their continued existence, each with their own very distinct and attractive personalities: there’s Hauser, the negotiator and organizer who Valerie first encounters during her wandering trip through the alien craft; sweet Johnny with the artist’s soul; Mark the playful yet forceful charmer; shy and stuffy Frasier; then finally there’s big, bad intimidating Dominick…big, sexy, intriguing Dominick. No doubt Valerie has her hands full, but she proves to be up to the task of meeting the sexual demands of her group for the three - year term of service to which she has unintentionally agreed. If nothing else, Valerie is a trooper, but then the five hotties in this book make being a trooper so much less of a chore.

Lara handles each coupling with soul - searching sensitivity, juggling the multi - dimensional inter - personal relationships in and out of the bedroom with logic and style. The sex scenes are hot and sizzling, but more importantly, I loved the characters. Valerie is a feisty and intelligent heroine you can root for and empathize with and you certainly want her to get her happily ever after with all five of her heroes. That Lara makes this seemingly impossible scenario possible is a pleasing and revealing twist that I’ll leave up to the reader to discover.

With this book, Lara remains a favorite and auto - buy author for me! Check out her great sci - fi/fantasy at

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