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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Menagerie is #1

Menagerie by Lara Santiago

I'm proud to say that Menagerie rocketed to the #1 position at the Siren bookstore bestsellers list in less than twelve hours.
Never underestimate the power of having five heroes in a single story. :)

Following are a few reviews for Menagerie.

REVIEWS for Menagerie

Outstanding Read: A+ "Menagerie by Lara Santiago is unlike any book I have ever read. Erotic and original, this sci-fi story grabs you from the first page and keeps you thoroughly involved until the last word. Ms. Santiago has come up with an alien story unlike any other and her imaginative style, world building and strong heroines, who always have a touch of humor, never cease to entertain.
Ms. Santiago weaves a story so steamy you’ll need to sit on a block of ice to keep from overheating! Each of these men is more alpha and sexy than the next. The heroine is strong, funny and would make a great best friend. I really loved this book and it has earned a spot on my keeper shelf. Trust me you definitely need to pick up a copy of Menagerie. But remember I did warn you that it is so sizzling you'll feel like you're sitting in a sauna." —Lynda, Simply Romance Reviews

5 Flags: "WOW! Fantastic! Titillating, sexy, and OMG it’s unfair that one woman can be catered to by so many men. Well, Lara, without being told, you’ve added another one to my keeper shelf. I could not put it down till I finished it. The lack of sleep was worth it! High marks hon! Can’t wait for the next one." —Melisa, Euro-Reviews

"This book has multiple partners, some bondage, and explicit sex. It is very well written and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was rooting for Valerie all the way. Valerie's behavior on the alien ship reminds us of the little troublemaker we all have inside. By the end of this story I was wishing for that happy ending that I felt they deserved. This book was so descriptive, it felt like a movie playing in my head." —Breia Brickey, ParaNormalRomance

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