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Monday, October 09, 2006

Reading Pleasure and Interruptions

I finished the first draft of my next manuscript and decided to take a break to allow myself some time to read.

I read The Dream Thief by Shana Abe. Excellent book, by the way. I won't say more because I borrowed it from someone who is making me blog today! :):) I finished Leslie Kelly's latest Blaze, Asking For Trouble. It's awesome, too.

There I was being a total slouch, draped over the sofa in my usual 'Scooter-Pose', book in hand when I heard my e-mail ding.
Yes, I have bionic ears.
I was about to start reading a Roxanne St. Claire book so you can understand my petulance at being disturbed.

Somebody, who shall remain nameless, oops I didn't mean to type Kristen, made me get up to read my e-mail which turned out to be a chastisement for me to get busy and blog.

And I quote, "Blogger called, they said Post Something New!"

I know why she’s being this way. It's because she is on a diet...and cranky. :)

I’ve Blogged now…Are you happy?


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