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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Review from Romance Divas

I got this fabulous review for The Blonde Bomb Tech.
I'd like to share.
It's from Romance Divas.
Click HERE for the direct link.
Or read below. :)
Thanks go to D.D. Blackman. You rock!


By::Laura Santiago

Siren Publishing, 2007

Reviewed by :: D. D. Blackman

A Romantic Suspense Ebook

From page one the countdown began. The Blond Bomb Tech kept the pages turning for me. When the timer on the bomb read ten seconds, Bomb Technician Sabrina Morgan had to run for her life. With the exception of landing directly in the arms of gorgeous firefighter Jake Donovan, who then shielded her from the flying debris, things could have been a lot worst.

Sabrina didn't know what was more sickening, the slimy councilman who wanted to date her or the mad bomber who wanted to kill her. One thing she did know was it felt safe in the arms of firefighter Jake Donovan and it made it hard to concentrate on defusing bombs.

Somehow, with Jake all things changed. Everyone thought for sure she would chew him up and spit him out like she did so many who approached her before. But the moment she landed in his strong arms and took a whiff of his masculinity, things changed for her, and why wouldn't they; Jake is gorgeous.

Jake first noticed Sabrina from a picture in the newspaper. Ever since that day he's wanted to meet her and when she literally ran into his arms, he couldn't believe his luck, nor could he believe she kissed him. Jake insisted she stay with him after her house was vandalized, but his ulterior motive was to convince her to marry him. First things first, he had to get her to admit they were dating.

The intense heat from these characters burned right through the page. Although they fell in love rather quickly, it was a deep and sincere love. Sometimes love will do that for you. This story is fully charged and had me ignoring people so that I could finish it. Don't deny yourself this reading pleasure; pick up this book. You won't be sorry.

5 Kisses



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