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Monday, April 02, 2007

It's I got my hair cut shorter

The start of April was as good a reason as any for a new hair style.

My mom will be thrilled. She always wanted my hair cut short. only wanted it short when she had to wash, comb and take care of it. :)

While my hair is shorter...I didn't shave my head or anything!! Calm down.
I had about 5 inches taken off the back.
I planned on a bob, but my hairdresser, Virginia, added a few layers. I trust her. She knows best.
It's now shoulder length. Easier to care for. I hope. :) I'm not known for spending copious amounts of time on my hair.

This is sort of what it looks like, although I don't look like Tea Leoni. I wish. And my bangs are shorter. :)

Of course I'll never get this cut to look like Virginia does. Virginia can make it flip out and look fabulous...until I stepped outside into the unseasonable wind I encountered this afternoon. Then I had that messy look. I hope it’s still fashionable.

My new hair cut was short enough that my kids even noticed.
...And they're boys. They never notice anything. :)
I probably could have shaved my head and they'd still park in front of the open refrigerator door after school and ask what there was to eat. :)

The true test will be in a few minutes when my husband gets home.
Personally, I believe he will notice. You see...he's the one who likes my hair long. The second I trim a quarter inch off…he notices.
I plan to have a tissue ready for him. He usually doesn't cry for too long.




At 4:45 PM, Blogger Kristen Painter said...

And now you've done it to me, too...


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