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Monday, April 07, 2008

Another 5 Star Review for The Sins of Their Fathers

Just Erotic Romance Reviews has given The Sins of Their Fathers a fabulous 5 Star review.
Woo Hoo!
Thanks to Karen for a lovely review.
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Title: The Sins of Their Fathers
Author: Emma Wildes and Lara Santiago
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Karen Haas

Improper Ladies 2: Can’t Say No by Emma Wildes
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

It has been nearly twenty years since Jenna Hayward and Jonathan Richmond, Earl of Charbeau, along with two other men, washed ashore on a deserted island in Improper Ladies 1: Savage Shores. Jonathan has decreed their daughter, Lady Helen, will marry a man she abhors. She is so desperate to break her betrothal she is willing to ruin herself to be free. Helen seeks out one of London’s most notorious rakes and begs him to do the deed. Lord Wade Warrick intended to flatly refuse and had no idea why he agreed to Lady Helen’s request. They immediately discover that they can’t stop thinking about each other and once is not nearly enough. The situation becomes especially tense when Wade and Helen become victims of a series of assaults and accidents of escalating danger. They know who is suspect, but proof is another matter and things may not always be just as they seem.

Of all the authors I’ve read, I believe Emma Wildes to be my hands-down favorite. Improper Ladies 2: Can’t Say No lives up to every expectation. Lady Helen is every bit the strong, determined and honest young woman I’ve come to expect from Ms. Wildes’ heroines. Lord Warrick is not the typical notorious rake. He is even more desirable and sexier as the result. The sex is varied and stimulating. I especially enjoyed how quickly Wade and Helen became obsessed with sex together. It would seem the Lady is as passionate as her mother and has found that rare man who is as sensual as her father. The plot is exceptional with imaginative twists and turns. In my opinion it has all the best elements of erotic romance. This story reads perfectly as a stand-alone, but you will certainly want to read the first after reading this one.

Kissed By Fate by Lara Santiago
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

Nearly twenty years have passed since Keller, future king of Tiburon, and Gabrielle, puny earthling, gave birth to twin daughters. At the same time as Crag, top military Commander of Tiburon and his not-so-puny earthling Ellie, gave birth to another set of twins. With no knowledge of the other’s identity, Crag’s son Alex and Keller’s daughter Lizzie met at a frat party and kissed during a party game when Alex visited Earth. Alex never lowered his shields but he still felt electricity and Lizzie tasted chocolate. They were both shocked at experiencing orgasm from a kiss, so they sneaked into the coat closet to experiment some more. Alex recognized Lizzie as his life-mate. Alex’s twin sister, Rea, future Commander of Tiburon, became gravely ill and Alex, next in line, had to return to Tiburon immediately. How will Alex and Lizzie be able to go on alone?

I loved this story as much as the rest of the series. Cultural differences create interesting and delightfully funny dilemmas when boy meets girl from another planet. Differences in the meanings of holding hands and touching lips on the two planets are once again the cause of a hysterical faux pas with universal repercussions. Lizzie and Alex are sexy, funny and tragic. The original cast has returned with the addition of the next generation. The sex is heated but sweet and amusingly different due to the difference in species. What could possibly be better than orgasms with chocolate? This third episode of the Tiburon series, Kissed By Fate, easily stands alone as another delightfully imaginative and inventive fantasy from one of my favorite authors, the ultra-talented Lara Santiago. I feel obligated to warn the readers that once you’ve read this offering, you won’t rest until you’ve read their beginning in the first two books of the series. The Sins of Their Fathers is the type of book that makes you happy you’ve experienced reading it. You’ll need your own hero or at least your favorite toys after reading this book. It is the kind that will make you fall in love all over again. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Karen Haas
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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