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Saturday, April 05, 2008

A New Review for The Sins of Their Fathers

The Sins of Their Fathers is still the # 1 bestseller at Siren's Bookstore.
Woo Hoo!!

I've posted a new 5 Star review below from Review Your Book.
Thanks Debra! :):)

The new review:

5 Stars: "Can’t Say No is an erotic historical romance. Claudette is the perfect antagonist. Wade and Helen work well together. Jonathon and Jenna are delightful. The plot is interesting and well -written. Kissed By Fate reads like a beautiful fairy tale of the future. The characters are well-developed and strong. Shauna is the bad person that will go any lengths to keep the lovers apart. I love the plot and enjoyed every minute of Kissed By Fate.
The Sins of Their Fathers is a delightful read. The connecting threads are fathers that love their children and try to force relationships on them. The children know what they want and rebel. Both stories are excellent reads. Emma Wildes and Lara Santiago are talented authors. I expected we will be hearing more from each of them. Fans of romantica will enjoy The Sins of Their Fathers."
—Debra Gaynor,
Review Your Book

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