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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Sins of Their Fathers and a 5 Flag review :)

Emma Wildes called me one day and said, "You know, we should do a split collection together."

I hadn't had any coffee yet that morning, so I said, "Um...blurg... Split collection?" (There may have been a little drooling at this point.) "um...hmm... What's that?"

While I endeavored to get creamer and splenda into my cup of morning personality, instead of all over the countertop, she explained, "We'll each write something with a similar theme and put them together in a book."

I said, "Fabulous! Let's do it!" Only because I'd taken a long sip of my hazelnut flavored coffee and my brain had snapped into place.

So we each wrote a story for a combined novel entitled, The Sins of Their Fathers.
It's due for release on March 17, 2008 at Siren Publishing.

We just received our first advanced review from Euroreviews.
Woo Hoo!
Thanks so much, Melisa. We love it.


Title: The Sins of Their Fathers
Author: Emma Wildes & Lara Santiago
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Historical/Futuristic
Publication date: March 2008
ISBN: 1-60601-014-X
Pages: 281
Series:Sequels to Improper Ladies and The Tiburon Duet
Heat Rating:
Reviewer: Melisa

Emma Wildes and Lara Santiago, two of my favorite authors have come together with a book that carries on into the next generation. And boy have I for one been waiting for it! There’s a bit of history here so stay with me.

Emma's Can't Say No is the sequel to Savage Shores and boy oh boy Jonathan and Jenna had a child that definitely has a mind and a body of her own and she isn’t afraid to use it! Poor Wade Warrick doesn’t stand a chance when the beautiful Lady Helen sets him in her sites. What should have been a one-time thing, her losing her virginity, soon becomes one night not even close to being enough. One secret meeting too many and there’s consequences for all. What might have started as a simple sexual affair becomes an inferno of love that you don’t want to pass up. Helen is a woman that you want to throw up a fist in victory for her inventive way of thwarting and outmaneuvering her father on his quest to do things his way.


Lara's Kissed By Fate combines both Just a Kiss and Just One Embrace into a story that I couldn’t put down until I finished it. Alex is the son of Crag and Ellie (Just one Embrace) and he’s come to Earth and learning some very fun Earth rituals until he sets eyes on the lovely Lizzie—Keller and Gabrielle’s daughter. (Just A Kiss) Craig, Lizzie and Emma Ruth’s older brother is overprotective, but really! Going ape over a kiss?! Course the lovely twins don’t have a clue that their father is an alien and a kiss to humans is mouth-mating on the planet Tiburon, which is the equivalent of marriage on Earth. All Alex and Lizzie know is that it’s becoming harder and harder for them to be away from each other. Too bad there’s a person bent on having power and will do anything, even commit murder to get it. And the killer will kill anyone that gets in the way, no matter who it is.

These two ladies are the queens of a scene tear jerker.

To get the full feeling of Emma and Lara's work, you might want to start with the Reformed Rakes series. Won’t be sorry you did either. The Letter tells of Jared and Patricia Warren. With those two you need something cool beside you. Compromising Situations: Andrew and Christa might have gotten caught up in a scandalous situation, but it’s Andrew that learns from is innocent bride, and that sweet young thing rocks his world in more ways than one. A definite keeper. A Woman Seduced: Behind every good man is a fantastic woman. In Devlin’s case, he can’t help but think of ways to get her out of her clothes and into some very interesting positions. Then there’s her Brothers of the Absinthe Club. Christian’s story is in the paperback release and it is fantastic!


Lara's got more than one feather in her cap also. And most all of them are on my shelves. Her Wives Tales series I can’t say enough about. I purchased Miner’s Wife, the first in the series and went on a hunt for the others. The Executive’s Wife was second. And let me tell you the consummation of the wedding had me squirming! The Lawman’s Wife was third and great as the other two. The fourth, and newest is The Mercenary’s Wife. Wasn’t anything like I was expecting, but it won’t let down.

Top Marks ladies, all around!


Here is the link: ... in case you don't believes me. :) :)

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