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Friday, May 16, 2008

What have I been reading?

I have been on a reading binge lately. Not so much writing is being accomplished and I worry a little about that, but sometimes as a writer, you have to take a break and fill the well again, so to speak. :)

I do get a chance to tackle my enormous To Be Read pile. (Okay, I have three of them. Bedside, computer and next to the living room sofa. A bad habit my husband must endure.)

I recently read this fabulous book, First You Run, by Roxanne St. Claire. It's her latest Bullet Catcher novel and I have to say one of her best.

Seriously, Roxanne doesn't know how to write any thing but amazing can't-put-it-down-until-you-finish stories. Her sexy heroes make you want to crawl in between the pages and get into trouble so a Bullet Catcher can come rescue you . :)
A physics problem I'm still trying to master. :)

The next best thing to being rescued by a Bullet Catcher is getting an early peek at the second book in this trilogy series. And I have managed to obtain a copy of Then You Hide.

I've read the first few pages and it is just so fabulously wonderful. Now you know what I'll be doing this weekend. :) I like to give myself a wide block of time to read instead of snippets of time here and there. Then You Hide deserves my full and complete attention.
And yes, the boys in my household will be scrounging in the kitchen for meals until I'm done. :)

What are you reading these days?

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At 1:00 PM, Blogger Katie Reus said...

My TBR pile is growing by leaps and bounds. Just finished Pursuit by Elizabeth Jennings and now I have two more I hope to finish this weekend: The Lotus Blossom Chronicles by Jax Cassidy and A Knights Reward by Catherine Kean. I just picked them up at a booksigning last weekend and even though my tbr pile is huge I feel guilty if I don't read the books I've bought at booksignings immediately as opposed to those I buy from Amazon ;)

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Lara Santiago said...

I was at that booksigning. :)
I didn't sign books, but I was sipping coffee in the Starbucks there.
I also have The Lotus Blossom Chronicles on my TBR pile. :)


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