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Friday, August 22, 2008

Review for Menagerie from Harlequin...and the endless rain

Soaked to the bone with rain from Tropical Storm Fay should be the title of this blog.
Or perhaps just, "Blurb, Blurb, Gurgle!" LOL

I'm completely waterlogged, however, I got this awesome review from Katherine T at e-harlequin and I wanted to share it.

Menagerie review at e-harlequin

Thank you so much, Katherine! :):)

Meanwhile, back at Florida's east coast, five days of rain is about to put me over the edge of reason.
The kids were supposed to start school this week. They went one day, and then the school district closed because of the record rainfall and flooding in the area. Sigh.

My very first end-of-summer power writing week got saturated with lines like, "What's for lunch? What can I eat for a snack? When is dinner?" Usually rendered as the participants stood in front of the gaping wide open refrigerator door. Do you detect a theme in these questions? Sigh.

I love them...but they really need to go back to school! :)
In the mean time, I'll be re-reading the fabulous review by Katherine.
It calms me in an otherwise soggy existence. :)

p.s. Menagerie is still # 1 at Fictionwise as of a couple of seconds ago. Woo Hoo!!! ;)

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