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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Review for Menagerie from TRS

A review for Menagerie from The Romance Studio!
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Lara Santiago
Fantasy erotic romance
Available from Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1-60601-118-9
June 2008

What would you do if you were sucked up into a vortex and found yourself on an alien ship and your purpose while there is to service five hunks?

One minute Valerie is out jogging the next she finds herself on an alien spaceship with little recollection of her life on Earth. Valerie knows she has to be dreaming when it's mentioned that she has to pick a man, the representative of five that she has to sexually service. Instead of following with the rest of the women as she's told to do, troublemaker Valerie goes off in another direction and bumps straight into a hard male body. He's a hunk and in her dreams Valerie is much more daring and decides she wants this man. Picking him from hundreds of men vying for her attention is a frightening task. But when she meets the other four men of his group, she knows she's made the right choice even if one of the four is huge, intense, and intimidating and somewhat scary.

Valerie is a funny, kind-hearted woman. She's insecure about her looks, she's not skinny, and has very little experience with men. Yet though at first she's believes she's dreaming she soon adjusts and boy does she. She continually breaks the rules laid down by the aliens and her whole attitude to the rules and regulations had me laughing on numerous occasions. She's a wonderful character. I loved her. The loves scenes are well written, sexy, and smokin' hot. Lucky Valerie. Each of the five heroes have individual personalities, looks, builds, and temperaments. They complement each other. They are compassionate, gorgeous, and help alleviate Valerie's insecurities which I found to be a nice touch. Great dialogue and some hilarious one-liners add to this entertaining story. But what delighted me the most was the rather sneaky twist towards the end that I was definitely not expecting. I recommend Menagerie as a fun, entertaining and sexy book to read.

Overall rating: 4 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Abi

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