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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 Pixies for The Mistletoe Mistake from Dark Angel Reviews

The Mistletoe Mistake has received a fabulous 5 Pixies Review from Dark Angel Reviews. :)
I've posted it below. Check it out. :)

TITLE: The Mistletoe Mistake
AUTHOR: Lara Santiago
PUBLISHER: Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1-60601-251-7
FORMAT: ebook
RELEASE DATE: December 2008
GENRE: Contemporary Christmas Erotic Romance
RATING: 5 Pixies

Erica Porter never imagined she’d practically jump a drop-dead sexy man in the copy room of her new job. However, when she saw the mystery man bent over the copy machine, showing off his very fine assets, Erica was not completely successful in rejecting his advances under the mistletoe. Quentin Thorne was struck senseless by the stunning, smart mouthed visage before him. He quickly maneuvered Erica through sharp witted remarks into a kiss beneath the mistletoe. The moment Erica and Quentin touch; passion erupted between them, sparking wildfires of lust racing through their bodies. Was it love at first sight, touch, and taste? Erica doesn’t want to chance her reputation and sense of professionalism at her new dream job. Can Erica overcome her reticence to date her boss’s twin brother and take the chance of building a love that is strong, bright and passionate? Quentin will need all of his sensual skills to make his beautiful Christmas vision a lifelong presence in his life.

THE MISTLETOE MISTAKE is a delightful holiday read. It is full of passion, desire, ancient legends, angst, self-denial and, most importantly, love. You’ll feel refreshed and recharged after zipping through this heartwarming tale of fresh young love. Lara Santiago spins her story with a charming turn of phrase, which literally keeps your eyes glued to her words. My favorite quote, which gives you a short glimpse at Santiago’s genius, is “Holy sex god, Aunt Jemimah, this guy was the very definition of sizzling-hot man-butter dancing across a griddle.” It just made me laugh enchanted at the imagery of such a burning hunk of man. The story oozed sexual tension, with erotically engaging love scenes sprinkled throughout the plot. And speaking of plot, it was wonderful; nicely paced, great build-up, no sporadic jumps or fits and definitely attention grabbing. Erica and Quentin’s characters were believable, and really stood out as fresh and likeable people. As a reader, I was attached to them, and was firmly rooting for their happily ever after. The supporting characters served well by adding tension and depth to the story arc. THE MISTLETOE MISTAKE should be added to everyone’s holiday season required reading list as it fills your heart with that special something.


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