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Thursday, May 14, 2009

How many is too many contests?

Okay, I think I might be a contest slut. I had quite a few books published in 2008 and I've entered quite a number of contests this year as a result. Like double digits. Sigh.
Or maybe I'm just hooked on contests. Or maybe it's a diabolical plan to get my books in the hands of people who might otherwise not have read me. Yeah, I like that answer best. :)

List of my books published in 2008 that may or may not be coming to a contest near you. :)

The Mercenary's Wife
Sins of Their Fathers - with Emma Wildes
Rapture Volume One - with Emma Wildes, Morgan Ashbury, and Gracie C McKeever
Menagerie - a contest favorite. Menagerie has been a finalist twice already. Yea!
Mr. Right
The Perfect Tool
The Mistletoe Mistake
The Prosecutor's Paramour - e-release also in Rapture Volume One
Sex or Suffer

Check them all out at my Siren-BookStrand page HERE

Happy Reading!

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