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Friday, January 12, 2007

My Cousin Julie

I took a small road trip (only an hour) to meet up with my cousin today.

Although we saw each other at Thanksgiving this year, it was different to get together, just the two of us, and do some serious girl chatting.

And boy howdy did we ever chat! I swear my voice is a little hoarse.
She is so much fun! We met for lunch and literally laughed and talked for hours.

(Thank you Macaroni Grill for not kicking us out after four and a half hours in that booth!)

Even though we hadn't seen each other in years...we picked up talking like we hadn't been apart for more than a week.

I have never lived around my family much in my adult life. I lived the move-around-a-lot military life. I was always envious of families who lived close and could get together often to have chat days.

Today, I got to reminisce with someone who has the same memories of our childhood, but from a different point of view.
Every memory we covered was great fun because we each remembered different things about the event.

One night during a slumber party, we made a cassette tape of us singing and making jokes. We even did our own commercial break:

Here is what I remember…

“Aunt Idee’s itty bitty pig snouts. Deep fried for lip licking flavor. ~~ In your grocers freezers.”

Okay, so Madison Avenue has nothing to worry about…we still had lots of fun. :)

We chatted about the memories of our Grandma and our Moms being sisters. We discussed our siblings (we’re both the oldest in our families) and we also chatted about our husbands, my kids and her dogs.

I had such a wonderful time and I wanted to tell her thanks for such a fabulous day.
If I hadn’t had to get home to my kids I swear I would have followed her home so we could keep talking.

After all, we do have a history. When we were teenagers we used to talk endlessly on the phone. Just ask our little brothers. (insert eye roll here)
It was great fun back then too. We never wanted to stop.
Today was just like old times.
Thanks for the chat, Jules. You’re the best.
I know! Next time why don’t we start at breakfast…so we can talk longer?


At 12:54 AM, Blogger Babe King said...

How cute. :-)


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