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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Lawman's Wife at

The Lawman's Wife is now available at

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The Lawman's Wife

Siren's Top Seller (November 2006)

In 2078, two years after the Tiberius Group's take over, women are adjusting to the new laws that make them virtual property of the men who marry them.

Grace Maitland desperately needs to be bid on at the public auction to avoid losing her daughter Emma, the only thing that matters in her life.

Interstellar Federal Lawman Jonathan Brent never expected to marry. However, seeing the troubled young woman who has haunted his many dreams up for bid at an auction makes him overrule his common sense. He buys a wife for the pittance of ten dollars.

Having a ready-made family is surprisingly heartwarming after the life Jon has led, but Emma's biological father, a sexual vampire released from prison after the testimony of his only accuser Grace is overturned, now demands custody of a child he's never seen.

Jonathan puts his impeccable Lawman's career at stake and goes on the run to protect Emma and keep Grace safe.

Sensuality Rating: Scorching
Genre: Futuristic
Length: Novel (53,000 words)

Story Excerpt

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