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Monday, December 03, 2007

Coffeetime Review for The Forgetful Spy

The Forgetful Spy
[Erotic Romantic Suspense] Created and trained solely for the Protocol Agency as the perfect spy, Rachel is unprepared for love. Colin's career in covert ops is a testament to bachelorhood, until he meets the woman of his dreams. Twice.

And another fabulous review for The Forgetful Spy.
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Coffeetime review of The Forgetful Spy

ISBN# 1-933563-21-4
October 2007
Siren Publishing, Inc.
235 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Colin Riley, a sexy FBI agent, loves two women. The sultry Rachel saves him from a Columbian drug lord but the tender Laurie, a librarian, makes him feel alive.

Laurie Peterson is experiencing too many blackouts. One minute she being a spy with a sexy agent then the next she is back at work in her home life of being a librarian.

Laurie has dreams that make no sense. In reality she cannot remember her counterpart, Rachel Miles, a certified Protocol spy with the agency for over a year. In Columbia, on a mission, Rachel has the opportunity of meeting the handsome Colin and saving his life. After they return home, he searches for the lovely lady and finds her working in a library. Laurie has no recollection of any mission or anything about Colin but he heats her desire in the worse way. Something is causing Laurie’s multiple personalities and Colin intends on finding out why the series of change.

The Forgetful Spy is one cool suspenseful read. Watching the interaction between Laurie then Rachel is remarkable as it all unravels. The plot with that certain twist at the end is just the right touch in making this story very creative. I enjoyed the scenes with Colin when he was with Rachel then Laurie. His reactions are so genuine, and I could almost see his expressions. Lara Santiago goes all out to craft a mind-blowing read with many secondary characters that keep the reader thoroughly entertained.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
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