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Monday, December 10, 2007

Interview of Emma Wildes by Mandy Roth

Marketing with Mandy Author Spotlight Emma Wildes

Q: Tell us a little about your experience with Siren Publishing.

A: I love Siren and Diana Debalko has a very aggressive approach to marketing the books the company publishes. Ads in Romantic Times magazine for instance. I had a full page in August. Wow, what a perk. That, besides great covers and some of the best editing out there…well, I’m home

Q: What tips/tricks do you use for marketing or promoting your own titles?

A: This sounds too simple, but I write a lot. Under other names I am published also in mystery, horror, suspense, historical romance, and of course, erotic romance as Emma. I do believe it is important to have a lot of titles out there. I am an avid reader and what I want when I find an author I like—or love—is another book. I also keep my website up to date and try to participate in author days, etc. Sometimes it is hard to find the time, but I make sure I write 365 days a year. It’s no chore, because I love it!

Q: What is one thing you’d want to tell a newer author, just coming into the game?

A: Persevere. I wish this advice was unique, but the truth is, you have to hang in there and believe it will come. Look at it the way I did: I would write anyway, paid or not. So, I write and submit and hope for the best. At the least, you’ll please yourself (not a bad thing). At the most, you’ll find great success. In between isn’t bad either.

Q: What’s your favorite genre to write in and why?

A: I write historical erotic romance and most of it is Regency. I love how polite gentlemen and their ladies were in that time…but they weren’t all that polite in the bedroom (well, who can be?)! The contrast interests me and I am a history buff anyway. Rakish heroes and independent heroines…oh yes. One of my editors complained I rarely let the hero rescue the heroine. Well, of course not. His intentions are good, mind you, but she is capable of taking care of herself most of the time .

Q: Can you tell us a little about your current WIP’s?

A: I am working on a sequel to Savage Shores as part of a new series, The Sins of Their Fathers, based on prior books. In this collection children of prior characters showcase their own stories. It is so fun to be able to revisit some of my favorites and let them deal with being parents and their headstrong offspring. The work will be titled Can’t Say No (he really can’t refuse the heroine) and will be coupled with the wonderful Lara Santiago in a dual collection. She does daring, unforgettable futuristic, so this should be fun.

Q: How did you get into writing?

A: I love to read. I’m addicted. I write a lot and probably still read three or four books a week. It was an easy avenue to take. I think I wanted to be a writer from the time I was nine or so.

Q: What authors inspired you growing up?

A: Oh, so glad you asked this because I love to answer this question. Zane Grey, Mary Stewart, Barbara Michaels, John Dickson Carr, and more recently Dick Francis, Elizabeth George and John Sanford. But I read everything and everyone, except science fiction is not my thing. For romance writers I enjoy Julia Quinn, Kimberly Cates, Mary Balough, and Iris Johanson. In erotic, well, hmm…Mandy Roth, Michelle Pillow, Kimberly Zant, and Lara Santiago come to mind. It sometimes is a small world.


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