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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Five Flag Review for The Mercenary's Wife :):)

Thanks so much, Melisa!

Review: The Mercenary's Wife by Lara Santiago

The Mercenary's Wife by Lara Santiago

Veronica Moorehouse had her first run in with Tyler Blackthorn when he became her sister’s temporary husband so that she could escape an evil man. The attraction between them was almost overwhelming and Veronica had never felt anything like it. But before she and Tyler can explore the attraction to a greater degree, Veronica is captured and hidden in her father’s house until the man her father has chosen for a husband can marry her.

Tyler tried to forget Veronica after she failed to show for a rendezvous. Then he receives a note telling him of Veronica’s marriage auction. For some reason he won’t look too closely at, Tyler has no intention of letting her marry the abusive scum her father wants to tie her to. It’s no secret that after the man was done raping and torturing her, he’d kill her and go on to another bride. Besides, it’s Tyler’s business to temporarily marry women to get them out of bad situations. Only he wasn’t prepared for Veronica.

She didn’t want to trick him, but she needed him to be a permanent husband and the only way to do that was to prove they’d had sex. Course, it was no hardship being in Tyler’s bed. Little did she know, Tyler was sober as a judge and willing to see just how far she’d go, and why. They are faced with challenges and road blocks, but will it be their own pride that keeps them apart, or will they find the common ground they need to be together?

Lara Santiago has done it again! Fourth in her Wives series, she packs enough raw sex and sweat popping heat to set off a heat wave. This one is a keeper! High marks all around!



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