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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coming Tomorrow...Rogue's Run by Lara Santiago

New Release Tomorrow, February 18! Rogue's Run by Lara Santiago -- First in the Galactic Gunslinger series.
Here's a quick blurb:

Rogue's Run
by Lara Santiago
[Erotic Futuristic Romance, Multiple Partners with Ménage a Trois, M/F/M] Abigail, journeying to a proxy husband, finds herself in a legal bind after trading “companionship” for an engine part. Jesse, on his way back home after a clandestine meeting, finds himself bound in matrimony to a sheltered, young widow with a few secrets and a semi-hidden rebellious streak he can’t wait to uncover.

To read excerpts or pre-order Rogue's Run Click HERE

Longer Blurb:
Abigail Deveronne thought the worst thing that had ever happened to her was marrying Myron Smedly, until she woke up next to his dead body. Her odious childhood guardian promptly sends her across the galaxy to a second marriage by proxy.

On the way to her next marriage, the space craft she's on breaks down on Planet Delocia and the vile pilot insists she must obtain a repair component at the local Supply Hut. Abigail gets more than she bargained for when she traded "companionship" for a needed part to continue her journey.

Transport captain, Jesse Pelland, journeying to his primary ship after a clandestine business meeting, crash lands on planet Delocia and ends up bound in matrimony to a sheltered, young widow with numerous secrets. But it's her almost hidden rebellious streak he can't wait to explore.

A passionate bond develops on the trip to Abigail's home for new proxy documentation. Jesse explores the possibility of a relationship. Until they land and she's accused of murdering her first husband.

Check it out. :)

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