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Monday, February 16, 2009

Movie Monday - Aliens

Aliens is an oldie, but one of my very favorite all time movies ever produced.
James Cameron is one of my favorite movie directors and in my opinion, Aliens is one of his very best.
It includes the genres of Action/Adventure/Science Fiction and an awesome all around story.

Here is a synopsis:
More than a half-century after the events of 'Alien', Warrant Officer Ripley - the sole survivor of the Nostromo - is discovered adrift in the shuttle she used to escape. By now, the Company - Ripley's employer - has colonized the planet where the alien was found. Intent on covering up its illegal actions of years before, the Company strips Ripley of her flight officer's license. But when transmissions from the colony stop without warning, she is called into action again - this time with a group of Space Marines. Now the alien menace is hundreds of times larger, more insidious, and all but invincible. The sole survivor of the Nostromo re-enters a world of sudden, unspeakable horror - one that attacks without warning again and again and again. Written by Derek O'Cain

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