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Monday, March 02, 2009

Movie Monday - Appaloosa

Plot Summary: 1882, New Mexico Territory. Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are itinerant lawmen, hired by desperate towns as marshal and deputy. The city fathers of Appaloosa hire them after Randall Bragg, a newly-arrived rancher with money and a gang of thugs, disrupts commerce and kills three local lawmen. Cole and Hitch contrive to arrest Bragg and bring him to trial, but hanging him proves difficult. Meanwhile, a widow has arrived in town, Allison French, pretty, refined, and good-natured. Virgil falls hard, and it seems mutual, but there may be more to Allie than meets the eye. Can friendship and skill with a gun overcome a pernicious villain and green-eyed jealousy?

I really liked this movie. I mean what's not to like with Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris in the leading roles. :) Jeremy Irons is great in the role of a bad, bad guy. There is a little romance. A court trial. A dusty frontier town. And many other traditional wild west offerings which are all set in the late 1800's American West.
Check it out.

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