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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Waiting...On My Mind

The worst part about anticipating the wait.
It doesn't matter whether you are waiting for good news or bad news.

The wait is the killer.

Anticipation is fine in the short-term, but the excruciating wait for news which lasts several days or weeks or, heaven forbid, months is...well it makes my soul shrink in dread at the mere thought.

Writers especially have to have vast stores of fortitude to endure--the wait. We wait for contest entry news, responses from agents, responses from editors, responses from publishers, and all other manner of waiting based submission agony.

Our personal lives are also fraught with extended waiting periods. Anticipating news about loved ones far and near generates even more gut wrenching expectations on top of the ones you already face.

So today my fervent wish and prayer for everyone is, “May your wait be short and your news be great!”

Lara, who is, as you might have already guessed, waiting for good some specific good news.


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