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Thursday, August 17, 2006 Reviewer's Choice Awards Finalist

I just found out that two of my books are up for's Reviewer's Choice Awards. Woo Hoo!!
I'm very excited about this! Ecataromance did great reviews for me and I truly appreciate the nominations.

Thanks again,

The Miner's Wife
The Review:
The Miner's Wife is a story that will capture your attention and keep it. With an intriguing plot, engaging characters and explosive sex, this story has it all. Hannah's background is almost unbelievable. The quick and powerful rise of the new Tiberius Group has surprised everyone, especially the women. Their antiquated views of women and their place in society are in direct opposition to what she's worked so hard for all of her life. When she meets Brutal, she expects him to treat her in the same manner that her father and her previous husband did. But he eventually surprises her, showing her gentleness, caring and support throughout the story which she hadn't received from the men who were supposed to care for her.
Brutal is a bio-genetically engineered man, who must have sex in order to recharge his batteries. I loved this! Brutal is definitely all man, strong, sexy and a hard worker. Not only does he need sex, he gets a better charge from his partner's satisfaction, and boy, does he satisfy! Hannah and Brutal are highly combustible, enjoying their sexual escapades and explorations.
But what I really liked about Brutal was his caring attitude toward Hannah. He allows her the opportunity to work and show her intelligence and believed in her when no one else would. The pace of this story is just right, telling about their backgrounds then quickly moving to their relationship. With a little danger from Brutal's nemesis and a surprise from Hannah's past, you won't find one minute of boredom is this story. Add this one to your must read list and keep on the lookout for the other Wives Tales! 5 Stars" —Trang, Ecataromance

Just a Kiss
The Review:

"On the run from a madman, Gabrielle accidentally stumbles onto the platform of a departing alien ship. Instead of facing death, Gabrielle is faced with a fate much worse, with just one kiss. How much trouble can one chocolate orgasmic kiss be?

Keller, the future king of Tiburon awakes from a delirium demanding a kiss. Now life mated to an irresistible earth woman, Keller defends their relationship against the racism and tradition of his people, regardless of the consequences.

Amongst orgasmic chocolate kisses and fiery chemistry, you will be totally captivated in the hilariously sweet romance of two people bound together by 'Just A Kiss.' Be warned, you may either laugh uncontrollably or need water to cool you down while reading Just A Kiss. 5 Stars." —Suz Smith, Ecataromance


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