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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Blonde Bomb Tech gets Reviewed

I got two really great reviews yesterday for The Blonde Bomb Tech and I'd like to share them. Settle down, I know you're all as excited as I am, but stay peaceful. :)

The first one is from Romance Reviews Today

Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1-933563-29-X
January 2007
Erotic Romantic Suspense
Sensuality Rating: Scorching

United States of America -- Present Day

Sabrina Morgan is one of the best bomb technicians on the bomb squad; she is also extremely commitment phobic. When she runs out of a building that is about to blow, she literally flies into the arms of one sexy firefighter. Sabrina's feeling for Jake escalates quickly, but will she be able to be the person that Jake needs her to be? Or will her insecurities and fears destroy the only really good thing that has happened in her life? Will Jake still want her when she has to reveal her big secret?

Jake Donovan is a firefighter and, over time, has taken a good look at his life and what he wants out of it and the type of person he wants to share it with. So when Sabrina tackles him literally, he is also tackled emotionally. Jake thinks Sabrina is perfect for him. Who else would be able to understand the risks he takes on the job but someone who takes the same type of risk. Jake quickly falls in love with Sabrina; in his eyes she is his perfect match. All he wants to do is settle down with her and start a family. But will her phobia about commitment separate them, or will the secret that she is keeping hidden?

Not only are both Sabrina and Jake trying to sort out there romance, but they are also on the hunt for a serial bomber who is bent on killing Sabrina.

THE BLONDE BOMB TECH is a character driven story. It is fast paced, which adds to the excitement. The romance is hot, and the way that Jake treats Sabrina is fantastic. Jake is the typical Alpha male, with a heart of gold, and Sabrina is a strong character. The way she is confident in her work, she knows what she wants and she goes after it. It is also lovely to see the flip side to Sabrina, her emotional side, her legitimate fears and insecurities. I applauded Lara Santiago for making Sabrina and Jake so realistic and so believable. Because I think every person can see a little of themselves in either Sabrina or Jake. I loved THE BLONDE BOMB TECH; I wish it had been longer so I didn't have to finish it so soon. I would be the first in line if Lara decided she wanted to write this book as part of a series. The secondary characters are all solid and could easily be further developed, plus we would get to see a glimpse of Sabrina and Jake. I adored THE BLOND BOMB TECH. The story and the sex are both hot. When can I get more?

Vanessa Costa

Romance Reviews Today

The next one is from Coffee Time Romance & More
It earned 4 cups which is listed on their site as Outstanding Great Read. :):)

ISBN# 1-933563-29-X
January 2007
Siren Publishing
249 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Sabrina Morgan is lead bomb technician in Heathton's police department. Since her fiancé dumped her several years earlier, the beautiful blonde has avoided relationships, which has not been difficult. She has never seen a bomb she could not disarm, or a man she could not live without.

Jake Donovan is a fire fighter. His girlfriend was willing to marry him if he gave up his job, but since he loves his job more than her, the choice was easy. He is intrigued by the Blonde Bomber, as Sabrina is known, and fate literally lands her on top of him when a bomb explodes at the Old Town Hall site.

The only female in Heathton's Bomb Squad is targeted by an insane bomber. While trying to keep her job, despite the efforts of a lecherous Councilman, she finds that the present day bombings are related to a tragedy in her past. Amidst all the turmoil, she falls in love with a handsome fire fighter despite herself.

This is a totally engrossing novel from the first exciting scene. Sabrina is far from the ice princess that she presents to the world, but few see her softer side. Being raised in an orphanage, then dumped by her fiancé when he learned she might not have children, she learned to hide her feelings. Jake is warm and strong, and it is a good thing he is stubborn because he needs to be with Sabrina. Sabrina's sister Suzanne, adopted as an infant, was luckier than Sabrina; in her you can see who Sabrina could have been, given better circumstances. But this reader would not change her; her difficulties give her her strengths. This story is full of suspense and unexpected twists and turns, and the bomber is truly evil. This is a great story!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

I thought both reviewers did an excellent job.
I'm incredibly grateful to them.
Thanks again,


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