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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gracie's Newsletter

I wanted to share a fabulous newsletter sent out by Gracie C. McKeever also Siren Publishing sister!

Her news letter called: The G-Spot. (I love that name) :)
In addition to all the info on her great books, she graciously shares what she's reading and does informal reviews.

I'm grateful to be an author she reads and enjoys. :)
Here are the latest Lara Santiago reviews from Gracie's current newsletter:

THE BLONDE BOMBE TECH by Lara Santiago: I wipped through this one in a
couple of days and finished right before press time eager to share how
much I loved it . This is another winner from Lara with a suitably
detestable politician who butts heads and undermines the h/h at every
turn, and an irresistible couple in Jake Donovan and Sabrina Morgan.
Sabrina is the only female bomb tech in the Heathton Sheriff Department. A
mad bomber with an old and mean score to settle is stalking her and
terrorizing the city with his destructive devices. In the opening scene of
the book one such device throws Sabrina into the arms of sexy-as-sin
firefighter Jake when she fails to defuse it in time. From here, the two
take a whirlwind rollercoaster ride to love and romance while Sabrina
tries to unravel the mysteries of her past and find the mad bomber before
he strikes again. This was a tightly-woven whodunit, with fast-paced,
spine-tingling suspense, a hunky and sensitive fireman hero and a sweet
but emotionally-scarred, tough-broad heroine exorcising her demons through
her job. It's an excellent book that I'd recommend to any erotic romance
fan who also enjoys a solid and well-written story with universal and
larger-than-life characters.

THE WIVES TALES by Lara Santiago: What can I say except WOW? I gobbled up
this series in one week and loved every breathtaking, erotic, well-crafted
minute. Political intrigue, genetic engineering, betrayal, loyalty,
sizzling hot and inventive sexual encounters, love and romance highlight
WIFE-that make up Lara Santiago's frighteningly realistic vision of the
future and women's rights (or lack thereof) in America. Santiago's
world-building is inspired, her narratives fast-paced and well-written.
Her heroes are noble and strong in the face of seemingly insurmountable
odds and her heroines are beautiful and intelligent survivors in a man's
world run amok. All of the tales are available from Siren Publishing and I
highly recommend that you run out and get your own copy of each one now!

To subscribe to Gracie's Newsletter click: Here

In my December 13, 2006 blog, I wrote about Gracie's book
Terms of Surrender. Check it out Here. It's marvelous!


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