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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just A Kiss and a trip down memory lane

Even more than a year and a half after its release, Just A Kiss is doing very well.

It's # 5 at Just A kiss at
(If you click on the ebooks page above also note that #6 on the list is The Miner's Wife and the first book of mine published by Siren Publishing. )

It's # 22 in the erotic section at Fictionwise. Woo Hoo. :)
Just A Kiss at Fictionwise

Two years ago from right now my fate was being decided regarding this book.
I had submitted it, completed a small revision and awaited the final response. :)

The response turned out to be my "call" from Siren Publishing resulting in my first publishing contract.

Two years later, I'm waiting again for an indirect response for this book. :)
I recently sent in my PAN application to RWA and Just A Kiss is the book I listed on the form to qualify. :)

It amazes me that two years has already gone by and I hope that two years from now Just A Kiss will be just as popular. :)

I've posted a blurb and the reviews below because it's my trip down memory lane and I can post whatever I want to. :)

Do you remember
two years ago?
I hope the memories were fond ones. :)

The blurb:

Just A Kiss

Siren: #1 All-Time Bestseller
Fictionwise: #2 Bestselling Romance (6 months) #3 Bestselling Erotic Romance
NOMINEE: Ecataromance 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award

What is the definition of a kiss? Is it universal? What if it wasn't?

Gabrielle runs for her life from a madman and stumbles straight onto the departure platform of an alien ship on its way back to Tiburon, a distant planet two galaxies away.

Keller, the future king of Tiburon, rests on a marble structure, obviously ailing from unseen wounds. He wakes enough from his delirium to plead with Gabrielle for a kiss. So she places her lips on his, kissing him in the only way she knows how. The kiss ultimately rocks her heart and soul and delivers a powerful orgasm directly after as she tastes a rich chocolate flavor.

However, a kiss has an entirely different meaning on Tiburon, and Gabrielle may have just mouth-touched her way into a permanent relationship with the powerful future leader of a planet of aliens.

Sensuality Rating: SIZZLING
Length: Novel (~39,000 words)

REVIEWS for Just A Kiss [The Tiburon Duet 1]

"This is not just any kiss...this one is hot chocolate, cool aliens and stone cold sexy reading!" Roxanne St. Claire, National Bestselling Author

"Lara Santiago delivers in this fast-paced romance. Just a Kiss is a must read for those that love a good love story with a lot of steam." Romance Readers Weekly: Book Club Selection


5 Stars: 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee: "On the run from a madman, Gabrielle accidentally stumbles onto the platform of a departing alien ship. Instead of facing death, Gabrielle is faced with a fate much worse, with just one kiss. How much trouble can one chocolate orgasmic kiss be?
Keller, the future king of Tiburon awakes from a delirium demanding a kiss. Now life mated to an irresistible earth woman, Keller defends their relationship against the racism and tradition of his people, regardless of the consequences.
Amongst orgasmic chocolate kisses and fiery chemistry, you will be totally captivated in the hilariously sweet romance of two people bound together by 'Just A Kiss.' Be warned, you may either laugh uncontrollably or need water to cool you down while reading Just A Kiss." Suz Smith, Ecataromance

5 Kisses: "Lara Santiago has such a charming writing style. You can’t help but fall in love with her characters. Coupled with unique and creative storylines, she is an author that is quickly rising to the top of my must-read list. Just a Kiss brings to light the difference between talking and communicating and is a sexy, endearing tale about two very delightful people. Both Gabrielle and Keller are people that you take an immediate liking to and as their story develops, you don’t want it to end. Their chemistry is intense and their love scenes erotic. With the introduction of so many new and creative ideas, this story will leave you wanting to rediscover the beauty of just a kiss…" Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

5 Hot Tattoos: "Just A Kiss by Lara Santiago is a unique view into life on other planets. This witty and romantic tale created laughter and tears as I read it. I could not put the book down. Keller is a powerful man determined to claim Gabrielle as his bride. His sexy charm and rugged looks make him a perfect example of why we should look for life on other planets. Gabrielle is a lonely modern woman wanting something more out of life. The grace in which she handles the dramatic events in her life is amazing.
The orgasmic kisses Keller and Gabrielle share are breathtaking. Ms. Santiago captures the raw essence of erotic passion in these kisses. I would love to receive just one of Keller’s kisses. The mesmerizing love scenes made my heart skip a beat. The passion this couple shares makes all the hurdles they have to jump worthwhile. I will read Gabrielle and Keller’s love story over and over again." —Ophelia, Erotic-Escapades

4.5 Hearts: "Just A Kiss is a very unique book that readers will find highly interesting and even funny. Keller is not your ordinary alien and boy, when it comes to sensuality this man has it in droves! Gabrielle gets caught in the middle of a sticky situation. She doesn't mean to get abducted, but when she does, winds up having the adventure of a lifetime. The love scenes are intense and so hot they almost steam up the computer screen. Lara Santiago is certainly an author to watch and I will be on the lookout for more of her work in the future." —Angel, The Romance Studio

4 Blue Ribbons: "Wow! Just A Kiss is a text book example of cultural misunderstandings, or maybe I should say, species misunderstandings. This book has a little bit of everything: action, romance, and hot love scenes. Lara Santiago seems to have a talent for taking a look at a familiar situation and giving it a whole new twist. In this case, men and women read different meanings into what is said.
This is one tale that I recommend when you are in the mood for something lightweight, but romantic. Just A Kiss is a perfect read for romance lovers that enjoy humor with their stories. Keep your eye on Lara Santiago. She is showing great promise." —Belle Rouge, Romance Junkies

4 Kisses: "While on the run from a psychotic killer, Gabrielle darts right into the middle of an alien expedition departing Earth. When Keller, an ailing warrior on board, asks her for a kiss, she is happy to oblige. She gets a great deal more than she bargained for, however—an incredible chocolate flavored orgasm and an education on the differences in language. As it turns out, mouth touching on Tiburon is a life-altering event.
Gabrielle is feisty and genial, and Keller’s determination to have her drives the story. Just A Kiss is another great story from Lara Santiago—fast paced, hot and with just the right amount of twists to keep it interesting!" Loribelle Hunt, Romance Divas

4 Stars: "This futuristic novella has a quick pace and remarkable culture diversity. I could not put this book down until I reached the end. The smooth writing kept the plot moving effortlessly, allowing the focus to remain on what was happening and the subtle undertones occurring between the characters...Overall, if you enjoy books with a futuristic flair and unique society differences, Just A Kiss will satisfy you and leave you looking for more novels by Ms. Santiago. I’ll be keeping my eye on this author." Francesca Hayne, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars: "Lara Santiago's Just A Kiss is an enticing story that will grab the reader from the first page. The chemistry between Gabrielle and Keller burns from their first meeting and just gets hotter. This story is the perfect mix of adventure and romance. I enjoyed that both Keller and Gabrielle were willing to leave their comfort zone in order to be together." Tewanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Cups: "Ms Santiago has a winner in this story. Gabrielle and Keller are very realistic characters in a difficult situation. The settings on Earth and Tiburon are well described, as are the supporting characters. I laughed at the description of Gabrielle as a "puny Earthling." The plot line was very involving, and I found myself unable to put this one down until the end." Maura, Coffee Time Romance

4 Stars: "Santiago blends sci-fi and steamy erotica in this two-book collection [The Tiburon Duet]. The stories will captivate readers looking for something imaginative and different. Cleverly written dialogue brings the characters to life in this entertaining read, and the alpha aliens are out of this world." —Romantic Times Book Reviews


At 1:05 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...


I'll say this again...thanks for giving us Keller! He's awesome! Two years ago, I was looking at your WIP for this book and feeling so privileged to read it. ;o)



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