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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fate - What does it mean?

I think about fate a lot.
Probably more than I should given that I have deadlines. :)
I looked up fate. It also means destiny.
Destiny refers to a predetermined course of events.

In palm reading, and my limited understanding is that your fate line is the one that goes straight down the center of your hand.
Mine is fraught with all sorts of possibilities early on and then a straight as an arrow line from upper mid palm least that's what I see.
Am I on the right track? If I knew how long I was going to live the lines in my hand might tell my something important. Or not. :)
Or perhaps it's a difference of opinion depending on what another saw in the lines of my hand...or perhaps actual knowledge in palm reading skills is needed, which sadly, I lack.

Where did this all come from?

Occasionally, I'll do something a little out of character for the life I currently lead and I'll wonder...why in the world did I do that?
Perhaps it's fate and one day there will be an explanation. Or more likely not.
Will I even remember this odd occurrence if one day in the future a parallel event arises from it?
Should I just get back to my writing and quit day dreaming?
Um...yes. :)

What do you believe?



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