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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RT was a blast...but I came home with a bug

If his nose was a little bit brighter in color he'd look like me. :)

Regardless of the tissues littering my workspace today, I had a great time at RT.
The hotel was under construction, and the service was generally slow, but the staff did the best that they could given their constraints.

I got to hang out with my Siren publisher Amanda Hilton, (She's really cool-- :) ) and my other publisher, April Tremayne from Rapture. (She's also really cool--:) )

I also got to chat with Morgan Ashbury. We hung out last year in Houston. She's still a pistol. :) Those who read her Wednesday's Words will not be surprised by this assessment. :)
She tells it like it is and I must admit I envy her. I'm much too shy about too many things. :)

I met Raina James, author of a recent Siren bookstore # 1 bestseller, Serena's Song. Like Morgan, she's from Canada, ay. :)
She's also lovely, funny, charming and I just adore her.

I finally got to meet the fabulous Emma Wildes in person after sharing quite a few phone conversations with her this past year. And boy howdy can she write!
I think she wrote over 10,000 words while we were in Pittsburgh.
Slacker that I am, I only did about 6,200.

We shared a room at the Pittsburgh Hilton, which was perfect. She's a morning person, I'm a night person. In the afternoons we chatted...a lot. No surprise there I suppose. :)
Plus I got to meet her wonderful daughters.

Next year the RT convention will be in Orlando. I can't wait. :)

For now, I'm off to drink more liquids and kick this cold.

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