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Friday, January 16, 2009

A New Print Book - Sex Or Suffer by Lara Santiago


I just noticed that I have a new book in print. I try to pay attention. :)
Sex Or Suffer is now available in trade paperback at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Check it out.

Sex Or Suffer by Lara Santiago
The Blurb:
[Siren Menage Amour 23: Erotic Sci-Fi, Multiple Sex Partner Romance]

Devastated to discover she harbors the SOS virus, medical researcher, Dr. Penelope Drake hires Captain Gray Wyckoff to take her across the galaxy to the cure on Parsec Five. As Penelope fights for a permanent remedy to cure this monstrous disease, the deplorable question in her mind repeats: How did she contract the virus in the first place?

Captain Gray Wyckoff burns every bridge he's ever built to get Penelope there, only to find she can't deliver the payment she's promised. Serving as her temporary sexual cure along the way only adds to his feelings of betrayal. He thought he loved her. Now he's not sure he can forgive her. Love her? Leave her? The choice between sex or suffering has never been so hard to make.

Especially when he has to watch her have sex with another man.

"Being a romantic at heart, my favorite stories are those where love is discovered between a hero and heroine and the ultimate struggles they face to be together. Why then would a woman decide to sleep with two different men? That provocative question began this book and my answer came in the form of a virus called Sex or Suffer. Enjoy." ~ Lara


Sex or Suffer at Amazon click HERE

Sex or Suffer at B&N click HERE

To read and excerpt click HERE

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At 9:16 AM, Blogger Sissi said...

Oh to have that problem of not realizing one of my books had gone to print! LOL! Can't wait to read it.


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