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Saturday, December 09, 2006

An On-line Class to Consider: New Year, New You: Writing Through Bad Stuff

CLASS: New Year, New You: Writing Through Bad Stuff
DATES: January 2-31, 2007 (register by December 30)
INSTRUCTOR: Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Whether it's the first rejection, the 50th-book slump, or just not getting the story you want, frustration is part of every writer's life. For some, it's a nuisance; for others, it's the end of a career.

For anyone determined to make 2007 a Better Writing Year, this workshop offers both practical and psychological techniques for dealing with rejection, writer's block, motivation, and other issues that keep writers from loving their craft.

Counselor Laurie Schnebly Campbell looks at the problems BEHIND these issues -- ranging from exhaustion to resentment to fear of success -- and the ways in which writers can actually benefit from a temporary setback. While the practical and psychological "overcoming" techniques are different for everyone, you'll finish NEW YEAR, NEW YOU knowing what works for your writing and yourself!

I took a synopsis writing class with Laurie a while back.
She's awesome.


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