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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spending a day with Gracie McKeever :)

I read a book today.
It was fabulous!!
And I'm not just saying that because she's a Siren Author either. :)

Terms of Surrender
by Gracie C. McKeever

Slany Breeze has been in control, of herself and her family, since she was an early teen when her mother was killed in a tragic accident and her father retreated into himself, a broken and lost spirit.

But Slany's tired of being the strong and responsible daughter and the dependable and inspirational big sister. Just once, she'd like to give over the reins of control and let someone else take care of her every need and want. Wanting, however, and admitting her secret longings to the one man willing and capable of satisfying them, are two different things.

Nick Vega has come a long way from his bad boy, rebellious childhood when a learning disability was the bane of his disappointed father's existence.

Once he discovers Slany's submissive nature and the stalker from his past that threatens her, he will do whatever it takes to protect his new claim and woman.

Sensuality Rating: Scorching
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal/ BDSM/ Interracial/ Suspense
Length: Plus Novel (~94,000 words)

It's an excellent read.
Check it out.


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