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Friday, January 26, 2007

Naughty Bits Afire

I just got another fabulous review for The Blonde Bomb Tech!
Kerin at Two Lips Reviews gave The Blonde Bomb Tech 5 Kisses!
I pasted it below.
Or click here to check it out at their website: Two Lips Reviews

Title: The Blonde Bomb Tech
Author: Lara Santiago
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Publication date: January 2007
ISBN: 1-933563-29-X
Pages: 300

Heat Level:

Sabrina Morgan is a bomb technician with a very big secret. Ever since her parents died, leaving her orphaned, she’s been plagued by bomb nightmares and is terrified of explosions. Sabrina has worked hard to be the best in her field and the first time she admits failure in defusing a bomb, she’s thrust into the arms of Jake Donovan. So maybe it wasn’t a total loss. Until she decides she likes the feeling of being in his arms. Too much. Jake’s the forever-after type and she knows that she can’t give him a family, which is what he wants more than anything, so she has to let him go.

Jake has reached the point in his life where he wants to settle down, get married and start on the large family he’s always dreamed of having. When he meets Sabrina, he knows immediately that she’s the woman for him.

With a madman on the loose, Sabrina tries to stay one step ahead of him but when she discovers that it’s personal, her only comfort is found in Jake’s arms. Will she be strong enough to let him go before it’s too late for both of them?

The connection between Sabrina and Jake is so intense that it jumps off of the pages and practically grabs a hold of your naughty bits and sets them afire. Sabrina’s brazenness is exciting as is Jake’s immediate reaction. The fact that Jake’s such a gentleman only made the scenes hotter as Sabrina took what she needed that he willingly gave her. I challenge any woman (and many men) to not fall completely in love with Jake by the end of this book. He is the epitome of honor, trust, faith, and super-hot calendar pin-up, all rolled into one.

The Blonde Bomb Tech is packed full of intrigue and suspense that had me poised on the edge of my seat during the entire reading. I was so engrossed in this latest release from Lara Santiago that I found myself reading it from cover to cover in one sitting, not even noticing the passing of time. The Blonde Bomb Tech is a definite must-read that you'll want to find room for on your keeper shelf!

Or click here to check it out at their website:

Two Lips Reviews



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