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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June already?

I've somehow wandered into June.
I could have also titled this, 'Long Time, No Blog'.

I've been writing on a new wip and editing the one I just finished.
The lazy days of summer are here. Life is pretty good.

The kids are out of school for summer vacation and for some reason that puts a whole different spin on my day. The dynamic changes when others are in the house with me all day.

And it's not because they bother me. Quite the opposite. They hide in their rooms playing video games, watching television and surfing the internet fearful that I'll pop in and give them some evil chores to do.
Laundry, Dishes, Vacuuming, Dusting, Trash, Recycle...I try to vary the chores between the two of them. And I already knew the chores were evil. I mean that's why 'I' don't want to do them. :)

I have aggressive writing goals for the summer months.
If I can keep the kids busy with all my chores...
...the book possibilities are endless.

Now if I could get them to do the chores without having to nag them...
I know, I'm asking way too much.

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At 11:24 PM, Blogger Samantha Lucas said...

LOL! Well if you do get them to do dishes without nagging, I think you need to start writing non-fiction and share your wisdom!


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