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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Being married to a geek has advantages... never having to program the time on the VCR or DVD player. Yes, there are five remotes that run all the components of our entertainment system, but I don't have to program those either.

I simply memorize the buttons I need to push and hope he doesn't reprogram before I memorize the next sequence. :)

Plus, when my computer has a tantrum, my personal geek is a handy on-site service to get me up and running again in no time.

Now having said that, there are a few things that would be different with no geek in my house.
For instance, I wouldn't currently have half ownership in 8 computers throughout our house.
Apparently we must have at least one for every bedroom and a few spares, just in case.

We recently got a new very HUGE television and he's rewired it several times to get it just the way he wants it.

Last night he drilled a hole in the wall, threaded a Cat-5 cable to it and re-wired it so we could bring up the internet on our new HUGE screen in the den.
Why you may ask?
Because he could. That's why. :):)
He had the tools and he had the technology. :)

Then he brought up my website in the HUGE screen and I stopped rolling my eyes. :)
After all, he's the one who designed my website so like I said at first...being married to a geek has advantages. ;-)


At 8:37 PM, Blogger Kristen Painter said...

If anything goes wrong with your wiring while your hubby is out of town, keep it to yourself until he gets back. Trust me on this. Unless, of course, you prefer being forced to rewire and reboot things while he pretends to be tech support.

Gah. Never again. Ever. I swear.


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