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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Siren Publishing Day at EcataRomance!

You're invited!

Save the Date! The authors from Siren Publishing will be joining us at on Wed August 22 & 23. Drop by throughout the day and say hello, ask questions, etc. It's super easy for you to participate.

Drop by any time throughout the day as this isn't a "real time" chat, but a discussion similar to that of a message board or an email list.

Visit this link:

Scroll down, read the message, see which authors are participating (and visit their websites by clicking on their names) and then you'll find the comments & discussion at the bottom.

When you're ready to post, the form is at the very bottom of the page. Enter your name and a valid email address, write your comment in the main text box and press Submit Comment. Comments by first time visitors are moderated to reduce spam. Once your comment has been approved it will appear on the site for everyone to read. And from then on, any comments you make under the same name/email will be automatically approved.

The Siren authors are a great bunch and there's lots to talk about and tons of great book recommendations. So keep a pen and your To Be Read list handy. I'm sure you'll be adding new books to it!


I shamelessly copied this from Gracie C. McKeever's newsletter message. :):)
She's my friend. Surely she won't mind, right? :)

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At 2:23 PM, Blogger Samantha Lucas said...

Oooh sounds like fun. Maybe I'll drop by. ;-)


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