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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Writing down the Words I like

Do you ever hear a word and think...what a great word? I should write it down and use it in a sentence five times so I won't forget it. Plus people will think I'm smart. :)
Perhaps my 'little' discovery is merely a throw back to the word of the day calendars popular long ago. :)
(no I'm not dating myself...I was a mere child back then)

The other day, while pondering a book I needed to get going on, I realized I was hearing these really great words. So I started writing them down. I don't know why, but this sent a creative landslide into my brain and the next day I wrote 3,500 words towards my latest manuscript.

The funny thing...these weren't words I planned to use in the story I was working on, they were just words that I liked the sound of.
For example here are a few I jotted down during my day from watching television:

Cool words, huh? :):)

I plan to use this little excercise from now on to jump start my creative brain in to high speed functioning.
Try it out and see if it helps you with your writing.

This is not limited to writers either.
I'll bet some fabulous grocery lists will be created based on my method. ;)
Good luck.


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