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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RT rating - The Blonde Bomb Tech 4 1/2 Stars

by Lara Santiago

RT Rating: ½

Category: EROTICA
Publisher: Siren
Published: March 2007
Type: Erotic Romance

This is an exceptional, action-filled story that takes off with a bang right from the start. A first-rate mystery; a tortured, yet strong heroine; and a hero who is not too perfect will leave readers unable to put this book down. Included are some nicely developed secondary characters and the ending is very well done and satisfying.

Summary: When bomb tech Sabrina literally runs into fireman Jake while escaping her first failure to defuse a bomb, she is knocked off her feet in more ways than one. Determined never to become emotionally involved with a man because of her experience with her ex-fiance, she finds herself unwillingly drawn to Jake.

After an apparent second failure at defusing a bomb, it appears that this bomber is after Sabrina. As the bomb threats become more dangerous, and her feelings for Jake become more personal, Sabrina makes some startling discoveries about herself and her past. (Siren, Mar., 324 pp., $15.99)

—Susan Mobley

Woo Hoo!
I'm so excited about this review.
Thanks, Susan!!


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