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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Movies that aren't hard to look at

My husband and I went to see 3:10 to Yuma yesterday.
I thought it was very good.
I loved the story and Russell Crowe isn't hard to look at either. :):)
I'm not a western maniac, but there is a certain appeal, I guess.
This was an exciting western story and filled with emotional appeal and several levels. And it bears repeating that Russell Crowe isn't hard to look at. :)

Plus, and this will certainly be a trivia question one day...wasn't Bisbee, Arizona the destination of Russell Crowe and Kim Bassinger at the end of L.A. Confidential? Am I the only one who caught the reference? :)

Last week we went to see Shoot 'em Up.
I thought it was a fairly violent movie. I mean with the title, what did I expect.
Clive Owen isn't hard to look at either. ;)
This was a completely different movie and I was surprised by the twist at the end.
Yes it was comic book style over the top mahem, yes you really had to suspend every bit of your disbelief, yes they used as much fake blood as Quentin Tarrentino did in Kill Bill, and yet, I found that I liked the movie. I don't recommend it for the faint of heart or for children but if you like shoot 'em up movies, you'll like Shoot 'em Up.

Plus, is Clive Owen ever going to make a movie where he doesn't have to deliver a baby? :)
This is two in a row after Children of Men.

Anyone else love or hate these movies?
Do tell. :)



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