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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coming Soon...Blind Date After Dark Series

[Erotic Contemporary Romance] Lonely Melisa agrees to meet a blind date at a Halloween party. An unexpectedly delicious masked vampire greets her at the door. Once into the party, David whisks her upstairs after she trips and tends to her skinned knee. Has she finally met Mr. Right?

[Erotic Contemporary Romance] Lynda, sick of the loser men she’s been dating recently, decides to ‘hire out’ and requests a perfect ‘male escort’ for her thirtieth birthday. A delicious handy man named Max shows up at her door for her special date. Will he have the perfect tool to get the job done satisfactorily?

[Erotic Contemporary Romance] Erica Porter's new job might be her last. Kissing your married boss has a way of getting you fired. But the man under the mistletoe isn't who he seems and as their relationship grows, so do the secrets. How much longer will she have to pay for her mistletoe mistake?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Review for Rapture Volume One from Two Lips Reviews

Title: Rapture Volume 1
Author: Lara Santiago, Gracie C. McKeever, Morgan Ashbury, and Emma Wildes
Publisher: Rapture Publishing
Genre: futuristic, urban fantasy, contemporary, historical
Publication date: March 17, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9815588-0-6
Pages: 344
Series: Volume 1
Reviewer: Victoria

Rating: 4 1/2 lips

The Prosecutor’s Paramour by Lara Santiago

Evie Marsh is a mole working for the Tiberius Group. Her mission is to infiltrate Zachary Valetta’s life, hopefully seduce him, thereby getting valuable information rendering him unworthy for the job of head legal prosecutor. Zachary is mesmerized by Evie’s intelligence and beauty. The two of them begin a game of cat and mouse, ultimately forcing Zachary to make a dangerous choice. Can Evie and Zachary live and love in this futuristic society?

The Prosecutor’s Paramour is a superb prequel to Ms. Santiago’s The Wives’ Tales series. Readers will be sucked into a futuristic world where women are relegated to the role of second-class citizens. Evie proves herself a worthy adversary by keeping Zachary on his toes. Zachary’s many secrets are revealed to Evie in unexpected ways. I have a whole new appreciation for Ms. Santiago’s talent as she constantly kept this reader guessing, even though I knew the ultimate outcome!

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Last Chance to STAR!

This is the final weekend to put your 2008 Launching A Star entry in the mail. All entries must be postmarked by September 8th and received by September 15th to qualify. (Non-US residents ONLY may submit via email – see website for details.)

Launching a Star 2008
Sponsor: SpacecoasT Authors of Romance Chapter (STAR)
Fee: $25-$30, SASE
Eligibility: Unpublished or not published by RWA-recognized publisher in book length fiction within 5 years
Enter: Prologue (if desired) & First Chapter (up to 25 pages) of an unpublished romance. No synopsis.
First round judges: One trained; one published.

Categories/Final round judges:
Historical: editor Keyren Gerlach, HQN, and agent Elizabeth Pomada
General Paranormal: editor Heather Osborne, TOR, and agent Laurie McLean
Fantasy/Futuristic Paranormal: editor Angela James, Samhain, and agent Lucienne Diver
Single Title Contemporary: editor Erin Galloway, Dorchester, and agent Michelle Grajkowski
Series Contemporary: editor Susan Litman, HQN, and agent Becca Stumpf
Young Adult: editor Kristen Daly, Harper/Collins, and agent Elaine Spencer
Erotic Romance: editor Allison Brandau, Berkley/Jove, and agent Roberta Brown

Top Prize: A star named in your honor! FMI, entry form, rules, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions, go to or contact Lee Duncan, contest coordinator at

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