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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is November already over?

I looked at the calendar this morning and was shocked to realize it is November 30th!

As 2006 comes to an end I find I’m surprised at how fast time goes by yet again (a popular and repetitive theme for me).

I was deeply entrenched into writer mode for the past four weeks working toward a deadline…which I completed today, thankfully. Woo Hoo.

I only stopped once to honor a major holiday, and mostly because there were mashed potatoes involved. :) :)

Just kidding. I’m thankful for many things.

I have a good life, healthy children, a great husband, fabulous friends, supportive writers to converse with every day and as a bonus…I get to write books.
How great it that!!

December here I come.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Smoking Hot Review for The Lawman's Wife

The Lawman's Wife got a 'smoking hot' review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews. :) Can I get a Woo Hoo? L

Here it is:

Title: The Wives Tales 3: The Lawman’s Wife
Author: Lara Santiago
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-933563-27-3
Reviewer: LT Blue
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: H

Grace Maitland Cox is afraid of the dark and closed places and would rather take the stairs than an elevator any day. Image her dismay when not only the elevator comes to a sudden stop, but the lights go out as well. Being trapped with a sexy man, she decides that she is at entitled to one heart stopping kiss before she dies. Jonathan Brent has dedicated his life to the Law. As an Interstellar Federal Lawman, he is called upon to travel through the earth and other lands to apprehend criminals. When the sexy lady asks for a kiss he is happy to oblige. When Grace is placed on auction 2 years later based on the Tiberius Group’s new law stating women must be married, Jon takes this opportunity to be with Grace again.

The Lawman’s Wife, book three of The Wives Tales, was well worth the wait. Ms. Santiago knows how to capture her readers and keep them entertained until the very last word and demanding more. Grace’s character suffered a horrible sexual encounter when she was a teenager that left her emotional scared by sex. I enjoyed the way Grace was able to overcome the challenges that she had and was able to be a wonderful mother. There were times when Grace appeared to be naïve, but as I continued to read I noticed that she was doing everything to protect her child from harm -even appearing to be meek to the man she thought was her husband of convenience, Danny Cox. Jon was also a strong character overcoming his genetic enhancement received as a teenager, instead of turning into a sexual vampire he focused on keeping his sexual needs at bay with the help of medication. The sexual chemistry between Grace and Jon was sizzling from the moment they met in the elevator. Jon was aware of Grace’s sexual history and didn’t want to alarm her with his desire, but image his surprise when Grace turned into the sexual aggressor in their relationship. Just Smoking!!!! The action in the book was on point and well written. Nothing appeared to be out of place with this story. Bravo Ms. Santiago, for another job well done!

LT Blue
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Show Me the Money ~ Then I'll balance the checkbook

Exciting news...This past weekend at our Saturday meeting, I was elected to be the new Treasurer of my writing chapter. SpacecoasT Authors of Romance (STAR)
We're the Florida STAR's.

I won't take office until January, but I look forward to ruling with an iron fist...

I mean serving on the board to help us manage our money and retain financial stability to the best of my ability.

I believe I was elected because I'm a numbers/math geek.
That and the fact I ran unopposed.
Turns out it's hard to find someone who likes to balance checkbooks. :):)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I blinked and 5 days passed

A minute ago it was Monday.
Time sure flies when you have a deadline. :):)
I finished a big one and now I have only one more to complete.
I'm on track, but there are Thanksgiving right around the corner.
Oh yeah, and my parents are on their way here.
I imagine they'll expect dinner on Thursday.
At the very least...I guess I should...dust.
And buy a turkey, and a potato or two...some gravy...a cranberry...cornbread stuffing? Sigh.
So not ready for the holidays. Can you tell? :):)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fabulous Chat at Siren Publishing Today

I really enjoyed the chat today at Siren.
Thanks to all the readers, reviewers, authors and everyone posting for your questions and comments.
If you won a book of mine during all the drawings today, I'd love to hear from you after you've read it.
Please write me at

I can't wait until the next Chat. :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chat with Siren Authors ~ Win FREE Books

Join our CHAT on Saturday!
Saturday, November 11, 2006
12:00 pm - 6:30 pm EST

At Siren Books
31 Drawings

Between 1:00 and 6:00 pm EST, we draw from messages posted during the previous hour.
Winner chooses any book from Siren's current releases.


Questions for excerpts will be posted at the scheduled time indicated below.
We draw from the first five correct answers. Answer as many questions as you want.

12:00 pm
Just a Kiss: Lara Santiago
Midnight Without a Moon: Emma Wildes
Terms of Surrender: Gracie C. McKeever

1:00 pm
Beneath the Surface: Gracie C. McKeever
Just One Embrace: Lara Santiago
Karly's Drifter: Sage Burnett
Portrait of Desire: Kate September

2:00 pm
Guardian Seductress: Gracie C. McKeever
Love's Redemption: Sage Burnett
The Manuscript: Emma Wildes

3:00 pm
For the Love of Payne: Melodee Aaron
Predator's Salvation: Gracie C. McKeever
The Miner's Wife: Lara Santiago

4:00 pm
Melanie's Protector: Sage Burnett
Mortal Melody: Emma Wildes
Spells Cast in Shadows: Gracie C. McKeever

5:00 pm
Caught off Guard: Tonya Ramagos
Duet of Desire: Kate September
Josie's Heartbreaker: Sage Burnett
The Executive's Wife: Lara Santiago

6:00 pm
Bedding a Traitor: Emma Wildes
Desert Heat: Melodee Aaron
The Lawman's Wife: Lara Santiago

See CHAT for more information

Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Lawmans' Wife # 1 at Siren

The Lawman's Wife went to #1 at Siren Publishing's website after only four days.
Woo Hoo!

Now this is the way to start out a Monday. :)

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, there's a fabulous BUY NOW button on the page. :)


Friday, November 03, 2006


I was busy writing.
Kristen should be busy writing too, but instead she's tagged me. Fine.

I've been tagged to reveal 5 interesting things about myself.
Here goes:

1. I'm double jointed.

2. I read very fast.

3. I once won third place in a cookie baking contest with my entry for Chocolate Dipped Sugar Batons.

4. I gave birth to a child while living overseas in Portugal.

5. I was in the top 5% of my high school graduating class.

Was any of that interesting at all?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Lawman's Wife ~ Released Today

My latest book The Lawman's Wife is available at SirenPublishing starting today November 1, 2006.
Luckily, they didn't forget to include the fabulous BUY button. That's the best part.
A blurb:
The impeccable Lawman Jonathan Brent pays a mere $10 at a public auction to marry the woman who haunts his many dreams—then goes on the run to protect her.

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