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Monday, April 28, 2008

Tagged by a Meme and what I dream about...

A Meme.
Great for when you don't know what to blog about. :)

The rules:

Tell seven random and/or interesting things about myself. Get five blog buddies to play, too and link to their blogs. Don't forget to post the rules.

7 things I dream about...

1. The vivid dream: Once I dreamed that I was in a tattoo parlor trying to decide on what sort of piercing to get...lip or eyebrow. It seemed so real that I woke patting my face wondering where my piercing was. Whew. :)

2. The home dream: Where will I end up? Once in a while I dream about a lovely cabin in the woods and there is usually lots of snow. I wonder if I'm in Florida to stay or if some day I'll end up in a cabin in the mountains of Colorado. My husband has land in Arkansas. I guess a log cabin could be built there. Although, I don't know that I want to brave the hot steamy summers and cold frigid winters in my old age. :):)

3. The dog dream: I dream about getting another dog. I had a black and tan Pekinese named Lucy about twenty years ago. I shaved her to look like a pug. She was my pal when I lived alone. I love how dogs are always so excited to see you whether you've been gone for one day or one minute.

4. The recurring place dream: I dream about my grandma's house quite a bit. I guess because it was a place I frequented a lot growing up. I have lots of great memories from there.

5. The children dream: I used to dream about having more children. I'm still open to it, however I would have to adopt. My husband has always been content with the just the two and only wants more children at tax time for deduction purposes. Having two boys, you'd think I'd dream about girls, however, I think if the opportunity presented itself more boys would be just fine with me.

6. The career dream: Sure I dream about being rich, but certainly not famous. :) I'm fine not being recognized while in my sweat pants and stained t-shirt when I run to the grocery store for milk. If fame ever comes along with my future career as author, I'll deal, but I love my semi-obscurity for the present.

7. The future dream: I dream about the future quite frequently especially with regard to my children. Where will my kids end up in life? What will they do for a career? Will they be happy? Please let the answer to that b e 'yes'. :) I think they should have girls some day so I can have granddaughters. That would be fun. :)

I'll tag...


Yeah, I know I only did three.
I'm a rebel tonight. :)

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Q is for Query, A is for AAACK! by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Having taken a class with Laurie Schnebly Campbell, I can whole-heartedly recommend her. :)
She has marvelous insight and a fun on-line atmosphere. :)
I loved the title of this class so I thought I'd post info about it. :):)
Check it out.

********** permission to forward **********

Q IS FOR QUERY, A IS FOR AAACK! with Laurie Schnebly Campbell
May 12 , 2008 - May 23, 2008

Enrollment Information: _http://www.occrwa.http://www.occrwhttp://ww_

COST: $10 for OCC members, $15 for non-members
Enrollment deadline: May 10, 2008
If you have specific questions, email _occrwaonlineclass@


Why is it so hard to write a query letter? Well, because an author’s entire
career depends on the response!

That may be a slight exaggeration, but it doesn’t make the job any less
daunting when a writer who routinely creates lyrical prose is suddenly forced to
create a sales tool. Sitting down with the editor or agent in person for a two
or three-hour chat might do the job faster, but since that isn't always
possible, it's important to have a sales tool that covers the same material in just
250 words.

Find out how to craft a query letter for ANY set of circumstances:

• Approaching an editor or agent who judged your entry in a contest

• Meeting ‘em (by plan or accident) at National or a local conference

• Picking a name at random (and why this should be a last resort)

• Switching from non-fiction to fiction writing, or vice versa

• Capitalizing on a recent success with this manuscript or another one

Since most writers aren’t the naturally outgoing type, convincing someone to
request a manuscript -- even in a letter -- doesn’t always come as easily as
creating fascinating plots and characters.

This workshop shows how to make writing the query a whole lot easier than
writing the book, complete with critiques for randomly drawn people willing to
share their work.


Laurie Schnebly Campbell used to wish she could write books as easily as she
wrote query letters, and wondered why other writers found sales pieces so
challenging. Then she realized that queries come naturally to anyone whose day job
is in advertising, and felt a lot less smug. After her second novel beat out
Nora Roberts for “Best Special Edition of the Year,” Laurie started teaching
writers what she learned from her day job and from her master’s in counseling.
She loves teaching anyway, but the side benefit is that it gives her an
excuse to avoid cleaning house! www.BookLaurie.www

Q IS FOR QUERY, A IS FOR AAACK! with Laurie Schnebly Campbell
May 12 , 2008 - May 23, 2008

Enrollment Information: _http://www.occrwa.http://www.occrwhttp://ww_

COST: $10 for OCC members, $15 for non-members
Enrollment deadline: May 10, 2008
If you have specific questions, email _occrwaonlineclass@occrwaonl_

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RT was a blast...but I came home with a bug

If his nose was a little bit brighter in color he'd look like me. :)

Regardless of the tissues littering my workspace today, I had a great time at RT.
The hotel was under construction, and the service was generally slow, but the staff did the best that they could given their constraints.

I got to hang out with my Siren publisher Amanda Hilton, (She's really cool-- :) ) and my other publisher, April Tremayne from Rapture. (She's also really cool--:) )

I also got to chat with Morgan Ashbury. We hung out last year in Houston. She's still a pistol. :) Those who read her Wednesday's Words will not be surprised by this assessment. :)
She tells it like it is and I must admit I envy her. I'm much too shy about too many things. :)

I met Raina James, author of a recent Siren bookstore # 1 bestseller, Serena's Song. Like Morgan, she's from Canada, ay. :)
She's also lovely, funny, charming and I just adore her.

I finally got to meet the fabulous Emma Wildes in person after sharing quite a few phone conversations with her this past year. And boy howdy can she write!
I think she wrote over 10,000 words while we were in Pittsburgh.
Slacker that I am, I only did about 6,200.

We shared a room at the Pittsburgh Hilton, which was perfect. She's a morning person, I'm a night person. In the afternoons we chatted...a lot. No surprise there I suppose. :)
Plus I got to meet her wonderful daughters.

Next year the RT convention will be in Orlando. I can't wait. :)

For now, I'm off to drink more liquids and kick this cold.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Is the RT conference only one week away?

Aaak!! I must pack. :)
Seriously, I need to start getting ready.

I'm really looking forward to this year's RT conference.

I'll get to meet Siren authors Emma Wildes, Samantha Lucas, Stella and Audra Price and Raina James in person. Yay!!
I'll get to see Morgan Ashbury and Amanda Hilton again.

I'll sign my new books on Wednesday night at the expo. I have several new print books available this year. The Forgetful Spy, Rapture Volume One will be available to mention a couple, plus I'll also have favorites The Blonde Bomb Tech and The Wives Tales.

Emma Wildes and I will be sharing a room.
This means I expect to be utterly sleep deprived when I go home. :)
It would be a complete understatement to mention that we like to chat.

And...there will be parties and books and male models...oh my.

If you're going...I'll see you there.
If not, I'll miss you. :)

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Another 5 Star Review for The Sins of Their Fathers

Just Erotic Romance Reviews has given The Sins of Their Fathers a fabulous 5 Star review.
Woo Hoo!
Thanks to Karen for a lovely review.
For blurbs and Excerpts click HERE.

Title: The Sins of Their Fathers
Author: Emma Wildes and Lara Santiago
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Karen Haas

Improper Ladies 2: Can’t Say No by Emma Wildes
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

It has been nearly twenty years since Jenna Hayward and Jonathan Richmond, Earl of Charbeau, along with two other men, washed ashore on a deserted island in Improper Ladies 1: Savage Shores. Jonathan has decreed their daughter, Lady Helen, will marry a man she abhors. She is so desperate to break her betrothal she is willing to ruin herself to be free. Helen seeks out one of London’s most notorious rakes and begs him to do the deed. Lord Wade Warrick intended to flatly refuse and had no idea why he agreed to Lady Helen’s request. They immediately discover that they can’t stop thinking about each other and once is not nearly enough. The situation becomes especially tense when Wade and Helen become victims of a series of assaults and accidents of escalating danger. They know who is suspect, but proof is another matter and things may not always be just as they seem.

Of all the authors I’ve read, I believe Emma Wildes to be my hands-down favorite. Improper Ladies 2: Can’t Say No lives up to every expectation. Lady Helen is every bit the strong, determined and honest young woman I’ve come to expect from Ms. Wildes’ heroines. Lord Warrick is not the typical notorious rake. He is even more desirable and sexier as the result. The sex is varied and stimulating. I especially enjoyed how quickly Wade and Helen became obsessed with sex together. It would seem the Lady is as passionate as her mother and has found that rare man who is as sensual as her father. The plot is exceptional with imaginative twists and turns. In my opinion it has all the best elements of erotic romance. This story reads perfectly as a stand-alone, but you will certainly want to read the first after reading this one.

Kissed By Fate by Lara Santiago
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

Nearly twenty years have passed since Keller, future king of Tiburon, and Gabrielle, puny earthling, gave birth to twin daughters. At the same time as Crag, top military Commander of Tiburon and his not-so-puny earthling Ellie, gave birth to another set of twins. With no knowledge of the other’s identity, Crag’s son Alex and Keller’s daughter Lizzie met at a frat party and kissed during a party game when Alex visited Earth. Alex never lowered his shields but he still felt electricity and Lizzie tasted chocolate. They were both shocked at experiencing orgasm from a kiss, so they sneaked into the coat closet to experiment some more. Alex recognized Lizzie as his life-mate. Alex’s twin sister, Rea, future Commander of Tiburon, became gravely ill and Alex, next in line, had to return to Tiburon immediately. How will Alex and Lizzie be able to go on alone?

I loved this story as much as the rest of the series. Cultural differences create interesting and delightfully funny dilemmas when boy meets girl from another planet. Differences in the meanings of holding hands and touching lips on the two planets are once again the cause of a hysterical faux pas with universal repercussions. Lizzie and Alex are sexy, funny and tragic. The original cast has returned with the addition of the next generation. The sex is heated but sweet and amusingly different due to the difference in species. What could possibly be better than orgasms with chocolate? This third episode of the Tiburon series, Kissed By Fate, easily stands alone as another delightfully imaginative and inventive fantasy from one of my favorite authors, the ultra-talented Lara Santiago. I feel obligated to warn the readers that once you’ve read this offering, you won’t rest until you’ve read their beginning in the first two books of the series. The Sins of Their Fathers is the type of book that makes you happy you’ve experienced reading it. You’ll need your own hero or at least your favorite toys after reading this book. It is the kind that will make you fall in love all over again. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Karen Haas
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

A New Review for The Sins of Their Fathers

The Sins of Their Fathers is still the # 1 bestseller at Siren's Bookstore.
Woo Hoo!!

I've posted a new 5 Star review below from Review Your Book.
Thanks Debra! :):)

The new review:

5 Stars: "Can’t Say No is an erotic historical romance. Claudette is the perfect antagonist. Wade and Helen work well together. Jonathon and Jenna are delightful. The plot is interesting and well -written. Kissed By Fate reads like a beautiful fairy tale of the future. The characters are well-developed and strong. Shauna is the bad person that will go any lengths to keep the lovers apart. I love the plot and enjoyed every minute of Kissed By Fate.
The Sins of Their Fathers is a delightful read. The connecting threads are fathers that love their children and try to force relationships on them. The children know what they want and rebel. Both stories are excellent reads. Emma Wildes and Lara Santiago are talented authors. I expected we will be hearing more from each of them. Fans of romantica will enjoy The Sins of Their Fathers."
—Debra Gaynor,
Review Your Book

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

50% off e-books April Fools day sale at Fictionwise

Fictionwise is having a 50% off sale on e-books until Wed. April 4th, 2008 at 10 a.m.
Everyone of my books is on sale for half off. Take advantage of some great deals. But hurry. :)

Click here to check out the Lara Santiago Library there:
Lara Santiago Books at Fictionwise


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