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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Retro Release: The Executive's Wife

15% off - sale ends August 5th

Siren Classic Collection #15

THE EXECUTIVE'S WIFE [The Wives Tales 2]
by Lara Santiago

[Erotic Futuristic Romance] Sophie is auctioned into marriage to her dream man, but will she be the executive's former wife when his ambitious father conspires to get rid of her? "scorch-your- fingertips sex" —Leslie Kelly, "5 Stars. Nominee 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award" —Ecataromance, "4.5 Stars/Hot" —Just Erotic Romance Reviews, "4.5 Kisses" —Two Lips Reviews READ MORE

In the year 2076, the Tiberius Group invades all aspects of society, taking over and implementing a new plan for the good of all U.S. citizens, especially the females.

Sophie Brent loses her job at Westland Industries and is put up for auction in a corporate venue of former peers. She's the record high bid and soon-to-be-bride of the worst lecher in the company, until her boss outbids all and saves her.

Matt Westland spends a fortune to marry his former employee, Sophie. He has wanted her since a delicious incident under the mistletoe at Christmas. Secretly in love with him, Sophie is an all-too-willing partner in Matt's passionate seduction, and the two fall madly in love.

Unfortunately, Matt's power-hungry father will stop at nothing to get rid of Sophie and find a more politically connected wife to ensure that his son becomes the next president of the United States.

To Purchase or to read Excerpts Click HERE

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Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm off to RWA in DC

The group of authors I'm traveling with this week is leaving today for Washington DC and the annual RWA (Romance Writers of America) Conference. I'm looking forward to hanging out with lots of writers. It always gives me inspiration in my writing.

I'll be signing on Wednesday night for the "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing. :) Check it out if you have the chance.

Also, we'll be sightseeing in our nation's capital. I think we're going to the Spy Museum. Should be interesting. :)
If you're in the area...stop by the signing Wednesday 5:30 to 7:30 PM.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

New in print at Amazon or B&N: Rogue's Run

New in print, Rogue's Run: Galactic Gunslingers 1 by Lara Santiago.

Rogue's Run
Galactic Gunslingers 1
[Menage Amour 48: Futuristic Romance with Menage a Trois elements, M/F/M]

Abigail Deveronne thought the worst thing that had ever happened to her was marrying Myron Smedly, until she woke up next to his dead body. Her odious childhood guardian promptly sends her across the galaxy to a second marriage by proxy.

On the way to her next marriage, the space craft she's on breaks down on Planet Delocia and the vile pilot insists she must obtain a repair component at the local Supply Hut. Abigail gets more than she bargained for when she traded "companionship" for a needed part to continue her journey.

Transport captain, Jesse Pelland, journeying to his primary ship after a clandestine business meeting, crash lands on planet Delocia and ends up bound in matrimony to a sheltered, young widow with numerous secrets. But it's her almost hidden rebellious streak he can't wait to explore.

A passionate bond develops on the trip to Abigail's home for new proxy documentation. Jesse explores the possibility of a relationship. Until they land and she's accused of murdering her first husband.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Retro Release: Just One Embrace

Retro Release of Just One Embrace July 9, 2009!
15% off at Siren BookStrand until July 23, 2009

To Read excerpt or purchase Just One Embrace

Just One Embrace
The Tiburon Duet 2
by Lara Santiago

Crag of Tiburon exiles himself on Earth, guilt-ridden after losing his life partner in a tragic accident. One night, he steps in to aid a distressed Ellie Granger.

Daring to take a chance once in her life with a fascinating stranger, Ellie requests one night with Crag, resulting in an evening of incredible passion. They part reluctantly even as they both acknowledge the relationship can't be permanent. They keep their reason a secret from each other.

However, fate delivers a surprise.

Now, they must find a way to come together, either on Earth or Tiburon, even as treachery abounds and proof of a noble birth is required for their future.

Will Crag give up his sworn duty as Tiburon's Commander for one puny earthling whom he loves more than life itself?

Can Ellie relinquish a life she has fought for so valiantly to love her perfect soul mate?

Professional Reviews

5 Kisses: "Lara Santiago once again mixes two erotic essentials - a hot sexy man and the taste of chocolate. The depth of emotional pain individually experienced by both Crag and Ellie was tangible which only caused their union to be more beautiful and powerful in its ability to heal and give hope. Just One Embrace is an amazing love story coupled with action, adventure and a bit of intrigue. The love scenes epitomize the strong bond developed between these two incredible individuals and are hot enough keep you craving for more. It was also a lot of fun following the story of Gabrielle and Keller from Just a Kiss - both of the stories in this series are exceptional and I highly recommend reading." -- Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

5 Cups: "Ms. Lara Santiago has written a sexually charged story of inter-species attraction. Ellie demonstrates all of the qualities of an independent woman faced with unbelievable obstacles, while Crag displays all of the signs of a man in touch with his feelings. I enjoyed their wordplay, and their sexual encounters were out of this world. I found myself cheering for Ellie and felt all of the suspense and drama of the events that befell her in her quest for the man with the chocolate kisses." -- Kathy, Coffee Time Romance

5 Angels: "Brace yourself, Ms. Santiago has written another wonderful story that's not to be missed. Just One Embrace has steamy erotic scenes and a touch of Sci-fi elements that keep you addicted until the very end. Crag and Ellie spend one passionate night together and now she must decide if she can handle life on Tiburon, or if she wants to be alone on Earth. A manipulative woman wants what Ellie has and would do anything to keep Ellie away from Crag. I enjoyed watching Crag and Ellie fall in love and work their lives out. Thank you, Ms. Santiago, for another super story; I can't wait to see more." -- Becky, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 Kisses: "Lara Santiago penned wonderful characters with real emotional depth in this poignant, spicy read that tugs at the heartstrings. From the opening page, she gives the perfect amount of background information so you can't help becoming emotionally vested in her characters. Her world of Tiburon and the physiology of its inhabitants engulf the reader with each exquisite detail. Just One Embrace demands more than just one read! This dreamy book of pure romance and chocolate kisses has earned a definite place on my 'keeper' shelf." -- Shawn, Romance Divas

4.5 Stars: "Just One Embrace tells the story of Crag of Tiburon who was introduced in Just A Kiss. A powerful man on his home world, Crag had to come to terms with a personal tragedy before he could find happiness, especially with a woman from Earth. Even after deciding that he was willing to risk his feelings, he and Ellie are confronted with a vindictive woman, out to steal Crag's power. I really liked these two, especially Ellie. Here was a woman who had all of the disadvantages of life, yet still made a lot of herself. I so enjoyed it when she finally stood up for herself with those around her who wanted to put her down and I fell in love with Crag myself when he helped her. This tale actually addressed several different ideas; the fear that Crag and Ellie felt in regard to falling in love, the struggle that Crag faced when deciding just what was important in his life, and the distinctions of different classes and how Crag and Ellie overcame the beliefs of others and finally learning about their different backgrounds and beliefs and how they came to terms with them. Lara Santiago's Tiburon tales are great stories that I highly recommend, especially for readers who enjoy a little fantasy, a little conflict, and a whole lot of love." -- Trang, Ecataromance

4 Stars: "Reading about this alien world with its funny and unusual societal rules was great fun. Even the anatomical differences were humorous. Orgasms occur while touching lips and males secrete a chocolate flavor. Could anything satisfy puny human females better than sex with chocolate? Crag and Ellie are perfect mates, but this poor couple had so much to overcome to be together. I couldn't help rooting for them as they bravely went about jumping every hurdle placed before them, knowing success wasn't likely even if they defeated every challenge. They couldn't resist each other sexually and their trysts burned up the pages. The story is endearingly touching and will leave its imprint on your heart as well as your face, so be prepared to smile `til it hurts. I was delightfully entertained and undeniable aroused from beginning to end. While it was obvious the first book was about Keller and Gabrielle becoming a couple and undoubtedly contained a lot of world building, I wasn't aware of missing anything while reading this one. Certainly, Just One Embrace by Lara Santiago is a book you won't want to miss." -- Karen H., Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars: "Santiago blends sci-fi and steamy erotica in this two-book collection [The Tiburon Duet]. The stories will captivate readers looking for something imaginative and different. Cleverly written dialogue brings the characters to life in this entertaining read, and the alpha aliens are out of this world." -- Romantic Times Book Reviews

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Retro Release: Just a Kiss

15% off - sale ends July 17th

Siren: All-Time Bestseller:
JUST A KISS [The Tiburon Duet 1]
by Lara Santiago

[Sci-Fi] Gabrielle stumbles onto an alien craft to escape jeopardy and kisses Keller at his request. But a kiss is not 'Just A Kiss' when you kiss the future king of Tiburon.
"lust, laughs and reading!" —Roxanne St. Claire, "5 Stars. Nominee 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award" —Ecataromance, "5 Hot Tattoos" —Erotic-Escapades, "5 Kisses" —Two Lips Reviews, "4.5 Hearts" —The Romance Studio, "4 Stars" —Romantic Times BOOKreviews.

"Lara Santiago delivers in this fast-paced romance. Just a Kiss is a must read for those that love a good love story with a lot of steam." —Romance Readers Weekly: Book Club Selection

Siren: All-Time Bestseller
Fictionwise: #2 Bestselling Romance (6 months) #3 Bestselling Erotic Romance
NOMINEE: Ecataromance 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award

What is the definition of a kiss? Is it universal? What if it wasn't?

Gabrielle runs for her life from a madman and stumbles straight onto the departure platform of an alien ship on its way back to Tiburon, a distant planet two galaxies away.

Keller, the future king of Tiburon, rests on a marble structure, obviously ailing from unseen wounds. He wakes enough from his delirium to plead with Gabrielle for a kiss. So she places her lips on his, kissing him in the only way she knows how. The kiss ultimately rocks her heart and soul and delivers a powerful orgasm directly after as she tastes a rich chocolate flavor.

However, a kiss has an entirely different meaning on Tiburon, and Gabrielle may have just mouth-touched her way into a permanent relationship with the powerful future leader of a planet of aliens.

Sensuality Rating: SIZZLING
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: Novel (39,000 words)


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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Retro Release: The Miner's Wife

15% off - sale ends July 15th

Purchase Link for The Miner's Wife: Click HERE

Siren Classic Collection #1
THE MINER'S WIFE [The Wives Tales 1]
by Lara Santiago

[Erotic Futuristic Romance] Hannah is sold into sexual servitude to a genetically bred stranger and finds love in the arms of her sexy miner. "scorch-your- fingertips sex" —Leslie Kelly, "5 Stars. WINNER 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award" —Ecataromance, "5 Angels" —Fallen Angel Reviews, "5 Hot Tattoos" —Erotic Escapades, "4.5 Hearts. Nominee 2006 CAPA" —The Romance Studio


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