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Monday, August 24, 2009

Retro Release: Little Red Rides the Wolf

15% off - sale ends September 7th
by Lara Santiago

[Siren Classic 37: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance, Shape-Shifter] Cheri Amaranth brings goodies across the galaxy to her Grampa, as Caine Wolver eagerly awaits her arrival, but the Hunter interferes and takes Cheri on the wrong path.

Against her mother's final dying wish, Cheri Amaranth travels across the galaxy to the planet Selenia to meet her ailing Grampa for the first time.

Caine Wolver eagerly awaits her arrival to explain his intentions for their intertwined future.

However, Hunter spoils their first meeting and guides Cheri through the woods to Grampa's house, taking her on a different path than Caine planned.

Long bitter rivals, one man wants her heart, but the other only wants her goodies bag.

Will Cheri make it to her Grampa's house in time to give him the goodies she's brought from so far away? And which man can Cheri ultimately trust, the man she met first or the one who drives her crazy with passion?

To Read Excerpts
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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Menagerie is #1 at

I'm so excited!
Menagerie is # 1 in the erotica category at

[Erotic Sci-fi Romance, Multiple Sex Partners, Sharing] What's a girl to do with five hot guys who need her for their sexual survival the next three years? Create a weekly schedule. Accidentally transported to an alien spaceship, Valerie Thornhill inadvertently volunteers to be the sexual relief for five men. It is forbidden to show favoritism, and when Valerie falls in love with one of the males in her harem, she jeopardizes the return trip to Earth for all of them.

A few Reviews:
"Menagerie is unlike any book I have ever read. Erotic and original, this sci-fi story grabs you from the first page. So steamy you’ll need to sit on a block of ice to keep from overheating! Outstanding Read: A+" —Simply Romance Reviews.

"WOW! Fantastic! Titillating, sexy, and OMG it’s unfair that one woman can be catered to by so many men. The lack of sleep was worth it! 5 Flags" —Euro-Reviews.

"Oh My Goodness! I LOVED this book! I was loathe to put this book down… even to feed myself! Lara Santiago brought about the happy ending that made me smile. Menagerie is a gripping, unique offering. 5 Cherries" —Whipped Cream.

"From beginning to end I wanted to BE Valerie. My heart smiled for a story well told. I will read Menagerie over and over. 5 Stars" —Joyfully Reviewed.


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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Retro Release: The Blonde Bomb Tech

15% off - sale ends August 20th

To purchase click HERE

Siren Classic Collection #26
Editors' Retro Pick: Best Opening/First Meeting
by Lara Santiago

[Erotic Romantic Suspense] Bomb technician, Sabrina, flies unexpectedly into the arms of firefighter, Jake, seconds before a bomb explodes. But Sabrina is haunted by two secrets and is pursued by a killer...

Commitment-phobic bomb technician, Sabrina Morgan, flies unexpectedly into the arms of firefighter, Jake Donovan, seconds before a bomb explodes. This was her first failure, and in Jake's sizzling embrace, Sabrina is grateful for his comfort in helping her hide her secret fear of explosions.

Jake falls in love with the passionate but emotionally wounded Sabrina. He thinks she is perfect for him. Also, who better than a bomb technician will understand and support his dangerous career as a firefighter? Looking to settle down and start a big family like the one he grew up in, Jake pursues Sabrina, who can't tell him her other big secret: she can't have children.

Sabrina negotiates a tenuous affair with Jake as she tries to stop a serial bomber from detonating any more bombs in their small city outside of Boston. Her enemy's ultimate goal is to kill her for surviving a tragedy in her past.

To read Excerpts click HERE

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Retro Release: The Lawman's Wife

15% off - sale ends August 17th
Siren Classic Collection #23
THE LAWMAN'S WIFE [The Wives Tales 3]
by Lara Santiago

[Erotic Futuristic Romance] The impeccable Lawman Jonathan Brent pays a mere $10 at a public auction to marry the woman who haunts his many dreams—then goes on the run to protect her. "scorch-your- fingertips sex" —Leslie Kelly, "5 Stars/Hot" —Just Erotic Romance Reviews, "5 Kisses" —Two Lips Reviews, "4.5 Stars. Nominee 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award" —Ecataromance, "4.5 Blue Ribbons" —Romance Junkies, 2006 Passionate Plume Finalist —Passionate Ink, RWA.

In 2078, two years after the Tiberius Group's take over, women are adjusting to the new laws that make them virtual property of the men who marry them.

Grace Maitland desperately needs to be bid on at the public auction to avoid losing her daughter Emma, the only thing that matters in her life.

Interstellar Federal Lawman Jonathan Brent never expected to marry. However, seeing the troubled young woman who has haunted his many dreams up for bid at an auction makes him overrule his common sense. He buys a wife for the pittance of ten dollars.

Having a ready-made family is surprisingly heartwarming after the life Jon has led, but Emma's biological father, a sexual vampire released from prison after the testimony of his only accuser Grace is overturned, now demands custody of a child he's never seen.

Jonathan puts his impeccable Lawman's career at stake and goes on the run to protect Emma and keep Grace safe.

To purchase or read excerpts Click HERE

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